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8 real world maps

Author File Description
Brainless_AOKH The set contains 8 very realistic maps of classic locations:
1 - the middle east
2 - Eastern Mediterranean Sea
3 - all Mediterranean Sea
4 - Western Mediterranean Sea
5 - Aegean Sea (Greece)
6 - the Levant (Canaan)
7 - the Yellow Sea (China and Korea)
8 - India

I have shared this set back in 2001 on MSN gaming zone, so some of these contents might have ended up in other peoples work. I that case, its fine for me, as long as it is clear i made those myself.
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yololoaoe2 Type: F U N !
Players: 4
Just few players can win this game !


NOTE: Works in all games version.
Created in AOE Age of Kings
danielthornburg All maps, but India doesn't appear to work on scenario editor, or any other mode to work. Is there something that I'm doing wrong?
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
There is a problem with Map #3 "Meditteranean Sea 200 BC": When I try to Load this scenario either as a first person Scenario for play or in my Scenario Editor, my game crashes. That is very bad. It's an SCX file, and yet my ROR HD program crashes due to it.

#1 The Middle East - Persia - 8 Player and #2 Eastern Meditteranean - 8 Player crash a lot on AOE:ROR, but they work on AOE:DE. It seems that 8 Player maps in general are more crash prone on ROR than players with fewer maps. #2 is actually a 6 player map despite the name, but it's still crash prone.

An annoying thing that hurts the Playability in #1 The Middle East - Persia - 8 Player is that it's such a giant map that even when I've practically crushed Player 4 as an AI Player, it still has stragglers standing still around the map and I have to hunt them down in order to win.


Balance: 3.5
I could beat 2 of the first 5 maps that I played on Moderate, but the other 3 needed to be on EASY. The India map i easily beat on Hard, since I alone began loaded with resources.

#1 The Middle East - Persia - 8 Player starts with Player 1 at the Tool Age and Player 2 at the Bronze Age. It's also a 2 v 6 map, although the AIs are pretty weak in their skill/aggression level on this map in particular.

#2 Eastern Meditteranean - 8 player starts with Player 1. (Phoenicia) in the tool age, Player 6 in the Bronze Age, and the other players in the Tool Age, so it's also a pretty unbalanced map.

These two maps are good if someone is unequal in skill level, but I think that the balance is still poor for multiplayer for these two.


Creativity: 5
Very creative with details reflecting the look of the maps in the real world.

Map Design: 4
Unfortunately some of the maps seemed to have serious distortion (compared to their layout in real life) or other flaws (like not enough resource placement). But they were still good overall.

Story/Instructions: 3
There were no Story or instructions, but on the other hand it wasn't very necessary because they are simply made to be real life maps. Completing a wonder didn't give me a victory in the Scenario "#1 The Middle East - Persia - 8 player", which surprised me a bit. The instructions should have given the victory conditions if building a Wonder doesn't help you.
Further, for playing on Multiplayer, the Designer should have stated the Players' Civilizations on the Instructions screen. This is because when you set up a match on Multiplayer, the game does not automatically assign each Player their Civilization. So for instance, if you are Player 1 on a map where the Designer has assigned your Civilization and your location in the Editor to be Persia, you would not know this unless you played it in Single Player, checked the Editor, or read it in the Instructions. For the sake of clarity, I listed this map pack's players' civilizations with their Player numbers here:


Additional Comments:

The victory screens say that they were made by "GURU / DMX_GURU" and for maps to go to which is a site that is currently down.


#1 The Middle East - Persia - 8 player:
Player 1 starts in Tool, P1's ally starts in the Stone Age, P2 and P8 (Hittites) start in the Bronze Age, and the other players start in the Tool Age. It gives P2 and P2's team a big advantage.
On Single Player, I beat it on Easy in about 2 hours 39 minutes, and it was alittle bit challenging at times for me. I got overrun on Moderate because it is a 6 v 2 war. It has 8 players, you are Persia, and the map runs from Eastern Greece to NW India. It looks like an ok map, but the Saudi desert is huge and the area for the Eastern Mediterranean is much too scrunched, and the map looks scrunched vertically.)

On MULTIPLAYER on AOE:ROR, I couldn't get it to play past 19 minutes. It repeatedly crashed on Game Ranger and Voobly, even when I played with even 1 other Human and only 50 units on only Normal speed.
More specifically, I played a 2 v 6 game against TCM_Bear as P1 with a rookie named _PLAK on my team and he resigned about 5-10 minutes in and then 19 minutes in, the game locked up. Maybe there were too many AIs.
I as P2 played against Upstairs as P1 on Gameranger, and about 10 minutes in, the game ended for me, saying that there was a sync error, and the host told me that the game crashed. I did notice a tiny error: When I made fishing ships, they looked like rafts, and when I upgraded my fishing ships in the dock, those units' look did not change to sailing ships. Only the new ships looked like sailing ships. We tried again on Voobly and the map crashed about 5-10 minutes in, telling me that there was a sync error. The host said that he wouldn't touch the speed, so that wasn't the problem. We were playing with 50 units per Player, which shouldn't be too many.

On MULTIPLAYER on AOE:DE, it works OK, and this matches my past experience with maps with 8 Players.

Here are three of my matches on this map on AOE:DE:
Match 1. I played as P2 in a game against a Spanish speaker (His name ended in "Deva") with the AIs on Moderate and he resigned 11 minutes into the match. He had beaten me on the map "#2 Eastern Meditteranean - 8 player." Probably he realized that I had a big advantage by starting on Bronze. One big problem on this map is that even after P1 surrenders, you still have to kill all the Brown P4 units (P1's only ally is P4) because it's a Conquest map. I put towers almost all over the place and couldn't find the Brown player's stray villagers. I resigned, thinking that it was glitched, and then the map revealed to me the last Brown villager, who was standing in the Arabian desert. It's pretty annoying.

Match 2. As P2 I lost to Tykkipeli who was P1. He advanced up to Bronze and Iron pretty quickly and raided my base alot. When he conquered my base, I set up bases in the west, east, and north corners, and made an army from the east that crushed his central base. But he had a second base in the north that he sent an army from (with elephants and priests), and I ran out of gamer stamina and resigned at about 1 hr 45 minutes.

Match 3. As P2, I won against "oppos456" as P1 with the AIs on Hard Difficulty. He wrote that he was an average player, and his brother wrote that he rushes early. He had a quick start, got more population than me and rushed me, but then I stopped his attack with my chariots. I had a tower near my TC too. Then I sent my chariots and built towers around the map to look for Brown's stragglers successfully.


#1 The Middle East Region 800 BC - I beat it handily on Easy in an hour. It has only 4 players and is 3 v 1 - You are Persia (as Babylon), and the others are Egypt, Assyria, and Media (as Babylon). It would be better to have Persia play as Persia, of course. There wasn't alot of gold or stones near the TCs like Babylon.
In SINGLE PLAYER on Moderate, the other three civs reached the Bronze Age before me. After I made raids on yellow and brown, Red (Egypt) made a major attack and I gave up.
For Players 1 and 4, The far east corner (India) has a forest and gold, and the mouth of the Indus has a pack of elephants. The mid-southern part of Iran has a pile of gold. The far north corner has a ton of gazelles and stone.
On MULTIPLAYER, as Player 1 I got beat by "Jonny" as P2. He was a Medium player and I had the AI set to Easy. He dominated after 10 minutes and my Tool rush strategy failed. Actually, I thought that the AI played relatively hard there compared to what I would expect for an easy AI player.
As P1 playing with the Persian Civ, I beat "Legion" as P2 (Egypt) in a 4 Player FFA with 2 AIs on EASIEST. The Assyrian AI seemed to have decent power, although the Babylonian one (P4) seemed weak/elementary, focusing on economy and not on attacking.

#2 Eastern Meditteranean - 8 player - I beat it on Easy but still found it a bit challenging. On moderate I got overrun by the Egyptians and by the Kretans by sea. The map runs from Crete in the West to Babylon in the East, with no Greece, and with Player 1 as Phoenicia. Despite being called "8 Player", it has only six, and there is no gold or stones on Crete, which hurts that player. It is 1 v 5. Egypt has a bunch of farms, so it's not really equal. On the other hand, it's at least geographically accurate.

#2 Eastern Meditteranean 500 BC - It has 4 players - Player 1 is Phoenicia (as Carthage), allied with Egypt (as Babylon), and against Greek (as Rome), and Persia. I think Egypt should better play as Egypt and Greeks as Greeks. On Single Player, I beat it on Moderate. On MULTIPLAYER, as Player 1 as the Carthaginians, I rushed a self-described Rookie named "Upstairs" P3 well in Tool, but he had a couple bases around the map. I also didn't get the gold soon enough. It's in the far north corner and not far east of the Dead sea. He got me with like 10 Hoplites. Next, playing as P1 again as Carthage, I beat a self-described easy/beginner player named "Lmoande" as P3 (the Greeks) with the AIs set to EASY. An issue that I noticed with the map is that although each player has a forest, it feels like there is overall not much woods on the map. There is significant forest just in southern Turkey and in Lebanon. There is some sparse forest in the East corner for the Persians and along the Nile for the Egyptians.

Map #3 "Meditteranean Sea 200 BC" - Opening it in Notepad, I could read it talking about a few civilizations on the map like Persia. However, the file doesn't work, so there is no more information.

#6 The Levant 1200 BC - On Single Player, I beat it on Moderate. There are four players: Israel (you), Your Ally Syria, Edom, and Philistea. The desert of Jordan is really big and takes up the eastern half of the map. Likewise, the Mediterranean Sea is really big and empty and takes up about the western third. There are too few trees and they tend to be in the northern corner. At least north is "up" though, which isn't the case for the two "Canaan" maps in the AOE Granary. The Scenario starts you as Israel, but using the Babylonian Civ. I think Phoenician would be better for Israel's Civ.
On Multiplayer as Player 1, I beat Panamaster as Player 2 in a 2 v2 with 1 AI on each team on Moderate.

#8 India 150 AD - On Single Player, I beat it handily on HARD. One reason that it was so easy was that you start with 99,999 of each resource, whereas the 3 other AI Players have only 200 of different resources. A second reason that it was easy was that you have an ally AI Player, making it a 2 v 2 match.
On Multiplayer, playing as Player 1, I beat a good gamer on Voobly in a 2 v 2 match where the other two players were Moderate AIs. I am a Rookie in Multiplayer, so the handicap made it fun for me. I told him at the outset that the Scenario is designed to help Rookies, and he said that Scenarios are not to help you get good... But I didn't tell him how giant Player 1's Resource lead was, so I feel bad. I told him in PM that I would buy him a DE edition if he was offended...

[Edited on 06/03/21 @ 12:44 PM]

rakovsky In the Comments above, Daniel wrote: "All maps, but India doesn't appear to work on scenario editor, or any other mode to work."

I am not sure if he means that:
(A) All maps work, except India doesn't appear to work on scenario editor or on any other mode.

(B) All maps but India don't appear to work on scenario editor or to work on any other mode.

I got all maps that I tried, including India, to work in my Gameplay or in my ROR (original version) Scenario Editor, except that I couldn't get the "Meditteranean Sea 200 BC" map to work in the Gameplay and Editor modes of my ROR UPatch version.

[Edited on 12/15/20 @ 12:08 AM]

rakovsky WARNING:

Also, the maps are designed for playing in ROR 1.0A. Some like "#2 Eastern Meditteranean 500 BC" and "Yellow Sea" may not work in ROR 1.0. This has been my experience.


[Edited on 11/11/20 @ 02:00 PM]

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