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The Greek Persian Wars

Author File Description
Dangrimm You step into the role of the Greeks in the epic battles of Thermopylae and Salamina,
fighting back the Persians who would conquer your home.
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Dr Lorenzo
Playability - The scenario is fun to play, with nice objectives and it's fun to "race against the clock" in part one. In fact, all of part one is fast paced with lots of options on how to succeed. The second scenario, unfortunately, has boring execution despite a great premise with you wandering around picking of troops with your massive army. 3.5

Creativity - Some very creative elements here - the first scenario has a great mix of objectives, with a time limit, having to destroy a significant portion of the enemy and the need to fortify your borders. The second scenario has a great idea that you're making a last stand, but unfortunately, it dosen't work. Nice ideas, well executed in part one but let down in part two. 3.7

Balance - Balance is where the problem lies - both scenarios are very easy. The first you can win by getting your citizens to it and your starting trools can more or less overwhelm any enemy force. The second, although I liked the idea of "the last stand" is very easy, as you can just march out and exterminate everything in your path. Much more work needed here. 2.1

Map Design - Maps are quite nice, with good use of rocks, cliffs and grass patches and the lovely water mixing that has seemed to become the norm. The second scenario is a bit of e let down from the first, with not very nice cities and some odd elements (ie. the water - check the bottom corner, it's good to know the designer has confidence ;-) ) but itn't bad, just plain. Overall, reasonable maps, but perhaps more use of gaia to make them really special. 3

Story/Instructions - The instructions for both scenarios are good and pleasant stories, with bitmaps that give an impression of the scenario (even if the second is a little bland). It would have been nice to see more use of the "history" backsection, but I suppose the history is melded in with the story, to an extent. Hints are good, although sometimes a bit useless. 3.5

Overview - Dangrimm shows his mastery of the editor with a good, if too easy, scenario. Sol Shadow, a new designer, shows promise with his scenario, but as a whole, the campaign is flawed - but not unplayably so. Good, but more refienement needed to make it great. 3.2
It is worth playing over again if you want to play a hard, challenging campaign, especially the first scenario. It will be fast-paced and it will be harder than you think. The playability for the second scenario is lower since all you do is face a much, much bigger enemy than you have(perfect for people who likes to kill, kill, kill!).

It is usually the same for a lot of historically accurate campaigns. Either you need to get to a certain number of kills, or destroy a certain enemy (or building). This campaign has the first objective for both of its scenarios. The other objectives are not far from this category, either. There is not really a lot of creativity for map points since it is atlas-based.

This campaign is definitely not for new AoE players, a lot of micro-managing is involved in both of the scenarios. The enemy would be attacking you from all sides--both as well from land as from sea. You will need to keep as much as your troops to be safe,and it will not be easy.

Map Design-4
It is incredibly hard to notice the map when you are either being attacked by a impressive enemy fleet or an army of bowman,hoplites,and chariots. It is fairly atlas-accurate and it would have been better with some more eye-candy.

This, is what I think a perfect historical-based story should be like. With a not-so-short historical background as well as a compelling story to begin with(not mentioning that you start out as the underdog, I love underdogs). With clear instructions and hints, it would have deserved a five if the second scenario bitmap was improved a bit.

It is easy to see that the creators of this campaign have done a lot of research in this campaign to make it believable.

It is worth the download if you think that you have the skills to do a lot of building up, micro-managing, and recovering from enemy fire.
Andrea Rosa
The long wars between the Greeks and the Persians have inspired many designers during the past years (I think it's the second most popular topic after the Punic Wars), and they relive once again in this campaign made by Dangrimm and Sol Shadow.

Playability: 4.5

The first scenario features one of the most frantic naval battles I've ever played, frankly the best of this Naval Contest, with your enemies (the Persians) constantly loading heaps of troops in their heavy transports while you try to build a coastal defence. Sinking those transports before they reach your homeland won't be a walk in the park since they never come alone, but large groups of ravenous war boats escort them. You must also decide your strategy quickly: will you try to win before the alloted time runs out, or will you set a crusade against the Persians in order to destroy their Wonder? The authors in the instructions suggest to play this scenario on "Hardest", but even on "Moderate" I was on my toes. The only downside is that the Persians don't have buildings to retrain their troops (they only make boats), so their number costantly thins out. The second mission is an average defensive scenario, marked by a wise use of cliffs and elevations enhancing the strategical component of the battle.

Balance: 4.8

The campaign is fairly balanced, and the temperate use of Gaia avoids annoying situations such as units getting stuck against trees. You have enough resources to start building what you need, but also ferocious enemies who will try to prevent you from collecting more goods and achieving your goals. Here and there you are given some special units which add some variety to the otherwise limited Greek technology tree.

Creativity: 3.9

The objectives were not among the most innovative ever, but they suited the context of each scenario and were supported by very useful hints. Moreover, Transports carrying troops are not commonly seen in single player games, as well as computer opponents really caring about them.

Map Design: 4

It's 4.5 for the first scenario and 3.5 for the second one. The first mission shows real world mapping and a sober use of eye-candy, while the second one seems a bit rushed, with a clash of buildings as enemy base and many large open areas left almost blank (they are not part of the battleground, though). This scenario could have been made on a smaller map, however the good use of cliffs and elevations boosted its playability.

Story/Instructions: 4.6

The authors have merged the historical facts with the plot, writing the instructions in good English and giving them a pleasant "Ensemblish" style. This is a good solution for writers lacking in fantasy, but for some strange reason the History box was left empty. This is questionable, because you should always put something more for those who want to deepen their knlowledge. The profiles of the opposite leaders, for example, or the technical differences between the Greek and Persian warboats. Bitmaps were clean and did their job, although the second one had hand-drawn arrows that spoiled it.

Historical Rating: 4.9

The above mentioned issue concerning the History box falls upon an otherwise perfect Historical Rating, indeed the historical profile of this campaign can't be questioned: both the naval battle of Salamina and the heroical blockade at the Thermopylae are depicted in an excellent manner, and I wouldn't be surprised to know that every single platoon was placed on the map according to the real facts. All in all this is a quite good campaign, I want to make my compliments to Dangrimm and Sol Shadows for having been able to organize their teamwork despite some unforeseen events occured to them. Now give me a beer please, I go to play that wonderful naval battle once again.

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