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Beginnings of Parthia

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Number of Scenarios: 2
No Description Available
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I liked the way how things fitted into one other, not going from one event to the other, but things flowing in a natural way. Hated the fact that the priest pulled my leg in the first scenario ;) The blind priests prevented a lot of agony on my side of the screen.

Certain things like the camel prison in the 2nd scenario are very enjoyable and add depth to the general idea, instead of just finding 4 camels.

In the first sceneratio there isn't much of a balance, I see it more as a short intro and I think that is what it was meant to be. Once you have found all the gaia units in the second scenario, the balance is pretty much done for. Keep in mind it's ok to create a challange.

Map Design
Both scenarios are created in a very static way. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, it all depends on the atmosphere you're trying to create but not really my preference.

The second story was significanlty better than the first. I was actually curious as how the dialogue continued. It is usually pretty hard to fit in what both persons are saying, without creating a boring side effect. The story continued fluently and the instructions were clear.

There could have been a more gentle touch. Meaning not neccesarily spraying a lot of one unit. Some funny additions and little details pull the overall grade up.

[Edited on 01/18/05 @ 01:26 AM]

Scenario 1
This is a fast, introductory style scenario that shows off a combination of altered trib messages and diplomacy changes. It's over pretty quickly but you still have to watch yourself. Good fun.

All VCs worked bar one - as in Lorenzo's campaign you can get converted, this time though it is if you decide to ignore the trib demand and go to the arena without paying. Since the chance of conversion is high :) capture should have been a losing condition.

Scenario 2
Pretty tough, with few resources and some fights to go through to get more units, but well paced and challenging. No special tasks, just kill certain players outright. Nicely done so that to gain units you bring on more enemies and diplomacy was well used again, in a scenario that is mostly FF with some BandD. At times the Selucids attacked way before I was ready, or if I attacked another player; other times they did not. Nothing in particular seemed to trigger it so I wondered what was happening there. Therefore, only minor criticism is that at times you are attacked too quickly to save your allies.

The arena idea was nice in scn 1, as was the priest getting killed by the 'gods', great touches both. Dlls were used to good effect and solid per work made all the changed trib messages work flawlessly, on moderate and hardest.

Arguably too easy for scn 1, although if taken as an intro scn this is understandable. Scn 2 was well balanced, the enemies were tough enough to have to stop and lure them out, without having them be too many or too overwhelming. The main enemy gave me a very hard time on hardest and it took me a few goes to beat them, slowing the game right down at times to come through it with enough units to continue. As with many of the entries, you'll be saving often.

Map Design
Map design was good, layout wise, and interesting gameplay wise, although could arguably have benefited from a few more features here and there.

Colours used in the instruction maps were a bit grainy, happens in AoE at times when converting them to the weird version of a bitmap the game uses, could have been a bit cleaner though and nicer to look at. The story was a good job that tied in the objectives with the storyline very well. Like SBE, Conquesticus adds a touch of humour to the proceedings and gave me a giggle. The odd contemporary word like 'gotten' was anachronistic though.

Another fun, accomplished and playable campaign from Conquesticus. A common criticism may be the time taken to play it - it is quite short but the second scenario should keep anyone busy for an hour or so, as well as giving the player a taste of what can be done when there isn't a deadline to meet. Nice one.

[Edited on 01/18/05 @ 01:25 AM]

conquesticus Here is the original description when I submitted this:

"Your tribe of pseudo barbarians begins in third century BC Asia - In this campaign, you take on the role of the first Arsaced Dynasty of Parthia, and battle the Seleucid Emperor's army near the city of Hecatompylus; thus the stage is set for the beginnings of Parthia."

Note: This campaign was planned to be five scenarios long, but cut short due to time constraints. The idea was to provide a unique gaming experience by the use of custom dll files (language.dll and languagex.dll), radical tribute and diplomatic settings in the .per files, and other in-game "triggers" I felt that were underutilized in the release of the game. In the future, there may be a new version of the campaign, with the three never completed scenarios and the really radical things I had planned for the .dll files.


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