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Scenario Design and Modding
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Topic Subject: A sample template of how the Editor's values shuffle if you are not Player 1.
posted 06-25-21 05:47 PM ET (US)   
Here is a sample template of how the Civilizations, Ages, and Disabled Techs shuffle if you design a scenario where the Human Player is not Player 1. I like playing as Yellow (Player 3), so I chose Player 3 as the Human Player in the Editor for this template, added values in the Editor, and run it as a Single Player scenario. I am putting significant changes in bold. There is an order to the way that the game shuffles the values, a "method to the madness," but it doesn't shuffle them all the same way. For example, the Human Player (as Player 3) keeps Player 3's color and Civ, but gets Player 1's Age and Tech Enablements.

One explanation for how the Civs shuffle could be that Slots 1 and 3 (Human) switch Civs, and then Player 1 gets pushed into Player 2's Slot, thus giving Player 1 (Computer) the civ in Slot 2 (Greeks).

The Input fields are:

Player 1 (Blue): Starting Age: Stone. Name: Uno. Civ: Roman. All Techs Enabled. Player Type: Computer

Player 2 (Red): Starting Age: Bronze. Name: Dos. Civ: Greek. Storage Pit, Granary, and Market Techs turned off. Player Type: Computer

Player 3 (Yellow): Starting Age: Iron. Name: Tres. Civ: Phoenician. All Techs turned off. Player Type: Either Human or Computer

The result in Single Player is:

Slot 1: Player 3 (Yellow) Name: (You) Civ: Phoenician. Age: Stone All Techs Enabled

Slot 2: (Blue) Name: Uno. Greek Age: Bronze

Slot 3: (Red) Name: Dos. Roman Age: Iron

It doesn't let me check during gameplay what Techs were given to Slots 2 and 3. I guess that it's the same kind of switch that happened with the Ages, since I got Player 1's values for those entries (Age and Tech Enablements).

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posted 07-13-21 11:34 PM ET (US)     1 / 4  
In AOE DE, the same pattern of shuffling seemed to happen in a Test scenario I made.

I set: Player 1 as Palmyra in Stone with barracks disabled, Player 2 (Red) as Rome in Tool, and P3 (Human) as Shang in Iron with all techs disabled only with P2.

The result was: Player 1: Rome (Blue) as Rome in Tool, Player 2 as Palmyra in Iron, and Player 3 (me) as Shang in Stone with Barracks Disabled allied only with P2.

In another AOE DE scenario that I made (Journey to Edessa), I set P1 and P3 both to Assyria and P2 to Rome. Based on my tests, the Civs should shuffle. For some reason the Civs don't shuffle in the launch menu, but they do during Gameplay.

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posted 07-18-21 07:36 AM ET (US)     2 / 4  
Oh yes this is an interesting quirk that I encountered with designing my THE campaign back in the days.

Basically test the living daylights out of it before using the color switch. I believe victory conditions and per tribute might be affected as well.
posted 07-29-21 02:42 PM ET (US)     3 / 4  
Victory Conditions are not designed to be affected by the shuffling. So If the Human Player is P3, the Human Player plays with the values set for "Player 3" in the VC tabs.

However, I have noticed that sometimes after I set Individual VCs for players 2-8, sometimes those Players' VCs show up as Player 1's VCs and Vice Verse in the VC table. I don't know if this is related to setting Players 2-8 as the Human Player, or if that affects the frequency with which this glitch occurs.
posted 07-29-21 03:02 PM ET (US)     4 / 4  
When I put a scenario with Player 3 as the Human Player into a Campaign, the civs and ages seemed to me to Shuffle differently than when it was a stand-alone scenario.

I made a test scenario with the following values:

BLUE PLAYER SLOT 1. Abe is a Stone Age Egyptian Player
RED PLAYER SLOT 2. Bob is a Tool Age Greek Player
YELLOW PLAYER SLOT 3. Carl is an Iron Age Phoenician Human Player with everything disabled, including Storage Pits

The result is:

YELLOW SLOT 1. YOU (YOUR PLAYER NAME) are a Stone Age Phoenician who can make Storage Pits
BLUE SLOT 2. Abe is a Tool Age Egyptian who makes Storage Pits.
RED SLOT 3. Bob is an Iron Age Greek whose Techs are apparently disabled, since he makes only houses.

(lower left hand corner when you select a unit)
RED SLOT 3. Carl

Notice that the Civs correctly match their Editor settings this way, unlike when you play the scenario in normal Scenario mode, and that the name CARL doesn't show up in the main list. Further, the Ages, Tech Disablements and Unit Menu Names match those of the Player's Slots that you set them to.

Considering that the Player names are shuffled in the Unit menus and that your Player name is the only name you see in the Diplomacy Menu for your Player for campaigns, it seems that a Campaign Designer might as well Put Player 2's name for both Players 2-3 in the "PLAYER" menu of the Editor. That way you at least get one of the names right in the Unit Menu.

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