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The Hall of Fame

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Topic Subject: The "Hall of Fame"
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posted 06-07-07 05:03 AM ET (US)   
Here at AoEH, for your viewing pleasure, we've compressed the site's rich history into several threads, in our "Hall of Fame" forum. New threads are often being added, so feel free to get yourself up to speed with the site

Here's what we've got so far (dates are mm/dd/yy):

Dave: Is hittite a good choice against shang in 1v1? [06-23-00]
vmay: Some questions after playing Popov [06-12-00]
Really Usless Villager: AOE Heaven Should Close It's Doors [04-14-00]
wedsaz: minoan fastboom [09-28-00]
Dave: A bronze rush strat (a variation) [01-15-01]
the_true_Augustus: will you marry me [03-25-01]
wedsaz: the woodworking effect - could the boom be wrong? [12-12-00]
Dave: Welcome back Kotter, oops I mean wedsaz [04-29-01]
CenturionZ_1: Do scythes really waste siege? [06-25-01]
matty: the complete guide to slinger rushing partII [04-16-99]
BlitzkreigComin: Pit Start vs. Granary Start [06-03-00]
CenturionZ_1: The RP! [11-20-01]
Duan Xuan: Defence in RM hill country [01-28-04]
the_true_Augustus: wedding is in here!!! hurry [03-31-01]
BlackWatch: Tech edits! [09-03-05]
wedsaz: RoR Balance 8.0 [09-29-05]
scenario_t_c: Hidden Units [10-11-05]
Richard Ames: AoEH Players and Reviewers Board [10-21-04]
peter: augy, other site members, come here [03-28-01]
peter: CoMBatVilla, Phoenix et al ... your site [02-02-01]
Cherub Socrates: Age of Empires Recovery Room [09-16-00]

Thanks all!

If you have any suggestions for additions, post them here.

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I hesitate to think why... :P
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Andrea likes anniversaries too!

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complicated life
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