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Topic Subject: SUGGESTION: Link to or upload the AOE1 HELP program
posted 07-16-21 08:58 PM ET (US)   
I remember finding an AOE1 HELP program years ago. I remember it being neat and useful with animations. In my computer's AOE Directory, there is a Help folder with neat AOE sounds, but no HELP file.

Normally, you should be able to click on the HELP button in the main AOE1 menu and it should bring up a HELP program. When I do this in my NO CD version in Windows 7 or Windows 10, it brings me to a Microsoft screen that there is an Error opening help in Windows based programs.
Maybe the HELP program was originally online and then eventually Microsoft took it down. I don't know what happened.

The page gives information on downloading "4013443 WinHlp32.exe for Windows 7". But when I click on the link, it says that the Download is no longer available. When I try to do an internet search for other copies and sites to download WinHlp32.exe, I get what seem to be junk websites claiming to have the program.

The reason at the moment that I am looking for the HELP program is that I am looking for the source of a quote about the AFTERLIFE for a scenario that I am making. The Fandom Page for AFTERLIFE says that the source of the quote is the "AOE Manual."

However, if you download the actual AOE and ROR paged book "Manuals," you will see that the quote isn't in them. (AOE Manual PDF is here:
So I am guessing that the quote is actually from the old AOE "HELP" Encyclopedia. I did find the quote given among many other Technology Descriptions in Jim Chamberlin's 2004 AOE FAQ
( However, my guess is that the quote is originally from the HELP Encyclopedia, not from Chamberlin's FAQ. This is because the Tech descriptions in his FAQ look like the ones that you would find in the HELP Encyclopedia, and because the FANDOM page refers to the AOE Manual as the source, not to Chamberlin's FAQ.

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posted 07-18-21 07:31 AM ET (US)     1 / 11  
You mean the sandy colored greek column on the left with links on various topics aoe help program? That's on the original gold disc for sure. Not sure if the ubisoft gold edition came with it. Anyway I doubt you'll get it to run properly as microsoft hates you and does not like to provide proper support. I'll see if I can upload it to the granary, though IIRC someone already uploaded it?
posted 07-18-21 03:22 PM ET (US)     2 / 11  
In the Granary, I only saw someone uploading the AOE1 paged book Manual PDF and linking to the ROR paged book Manual. The Help Encyclopedia on the other hand uses the sounds in the HELP folder in your AOE folder on your computer and would come up when you press the HELP button on the main menu of the game.

I couldn't find the Help Encyclopedia in the Granary by doing a search for "Help" files in the Granary.

I purchased AOE1 DE, and it would be nice if they had a HELP encyclopedia like AOE1 does and like the AOE2 series does. AOE1 DE does not even have a Manual. In the AOE2 series, there is an informational button you can press with details on game concepts like Religion and on the Civilizations.

I believe that Jim Chamberlin's AOE FAQ very extensively quotes from the HELP encyclopedia without attributing the quotes to the encyclopedia, despite Chamberlin's AOE FAQ saying that he copyrighted his FAQ. The AOE Fandom pages have these same quotations, like on Monotheism and Afterlife, and attribute these quotations to the AOE "Manual," not to Chamberlin's FAQ, even though the paged boom PDF "Manuals" don't have entries for Monotheism and Afterlife.

My sense is that the main benefit of the Help file is to have proper attributions and any missing information left out of these spotty online sources, along with the neat animations.

I remember seeing the HELP animations and the entries years ago, but don't exactly remember how I got them to come up. I have a No CD copy of the Gold Edition (AOE1 1.0a + ROR) CD in ISO Format that I found online and never owned the disc. I installed the game from this ISO, but when I Mount the Gold Edition ISO and run AOE1 from the ISO and click HELP, it brings me to the Microsoft page that I linked to talking about being unable to open old WinHlp files on Windows 7.

I hope that me buying Microsoft's AOE DE version helps make up for the fact that I didn't buy the AOE1 CD. It must be hard to find any retailers still carrying AOE1 CD that they got directly from the manufacturer. At this point, I expect that the AOE1 CDs being sold are themselves second hand, ie. they are being resold without the manufacturer's consent.

Probably 80% of people playing AOE1 are using Microsoft systems, and there are more people playing AOE CD than AOE DE, judging by how many Latinos and Vietnamese play AOE CD on Voobly and Gameranger. At this point considering advances in gaming technology and the plethora of high quality free games, Microsoft could choose to just consider AOE1 to be complimentary, comparable to Minesweeper or other games that came automatically with Windows. They are either aware of how common free use of AOE1 is and don't care to intervene, or else don't care enough to be aware of it. It's actually like a gateway drug to get into the other AOE series games, so it's beneficial to them. At this point, I bought all other AOE & AOM series games (including the old AOE2 CD one) except for AOE3 DE. I bought 4 of them after getting really into AOE1 CD.

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posted 07-18-21 04:11 PM ET (US)     3 / 11  
I think this documentation is based on windows help files (.hlp extension), which is no longer supported by recent Windows OS.
posted 07-18-21 04:22 PM ET (US)     4 / 11  
That is my opinion too, Chab. I don't notice any .hlp files in my AOE directory. My sense is that clicking on Help in AOE links you to an online .hlp file on the Microsoft website, and the .hlp is not supported on Windows 10 or 7.

The Windows page you get redirected to says that there is a program you can use to view the .HLP files. However, I have a lot of trouble getting a reliable copy of the .HLP reader, because so many of the hosting websites for it seem to be junk sites.
posted 07-26-21 07:12 PM ET (US)     5 / 11  
a gateway drug
Hooked since '98. DE doesn't really get me 'in the zone', the dealer sells a lower quality substitute for the real thing.

Anyways you could try running AoE on a virtual machine with WinXP or older, if you are really keen on running this .hlp file.
posted 07-27-21 01:08 PM ET (US)     6 / 11  
you don't even need AOE. Just open the HLP file directly.
Maybe you can try using wine on linux environments too
posted 07-28-21 03:45 PM ET (US)     7 / 11  
Chab, where is the HLP file? I guess it's on the CD, since I can't find it in my computer's AOE folder. I don't have the CD though. Can you upload it to the Granary under Utilities or Miscellaneous programs?
posted 07-29-21 01:10 PM ET (US)     8 / 11  

I uploaded it (file #2835 but it's french, then #2836=English version) to the granary / Misc files.
It will be available when (if) mods validate it.

If managed to check the file language thanks to wine on a linux environment (wine winhlp32.exe, then select the hlp file)
I tried to copy the winhlp32.exe from linux / .wine folder, but it does not solve anything : the problem is not the exe file, but the fact that windows 10 prevents it from running (because it has vulnerabilities I guess).

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posted 07-30-21 07:04 AM ET (US)     9 / 11  
er... yeah I sure hope we can do that because I already did.

//The warrior of Isola

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Cleidopus gloriamaris
posted 07-31-21 06:02 AM ET (US)     10 / 11  
Thank you fish from the northern lands.
posted 07-31-21 11:34 AM ET (US)     11 / 11  
Yes, thank you.

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