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Veni, Vidi, Vici
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Topic Subject: Yikes! Phil Phree is in BLACK!
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posted 05-29-07 03:00 PM ET (US)   
As I sit here I see Phil in black! What is goin on?

Zen is around. I also does not now show him in the "moderated by" section.

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posted 05-31-07 00:29 AM ET (US)     26 / 39  
100% agree with you Mero.

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posted 05-31-07 00:33 AM ET (US)     27 / 39  
EDIT: TDA beat me on the other thread... :P
lol. It's good to know that I don't stand alone Mero. And Doc.

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posted 05-31-07 00:54 AM ET (US)     28 / 39  
" Also keep in mind that we have been having good luck and efforts with new discoveries being made on the design and gameplay front."

Ima put out a big article on A.I. shortly, once mid-semester break comes along. I know, not too interesting, but some new stuff to share and things like that
posted 05-31-07 02:28 AM ET (US)     29 / 39  
We have a new serpah. Yay for Lorenzo!
posted 06-02-07 12:26 PM ET (US)     30 / 39  
Ah, what a mess to return to!

That's a real shame, I don't think anyone can ever match the effort put into this community by Phill.

George: I think you should remove that jokey face from the main title, as this is definitely not a joke, or misunderstanding.

posted 06-02-07 02:28 PM ET (US)     31 / 39  
Good to see ya back Zamy. Roger, but you can believe I really thought something goofy waz goin on... Anyway say hello to the improved Drz0id.

posted 06-03-07 00:27 AM ET (US)     32 / 39  
Zammy, you really need a new sig. You were removed from mine (in favor of Scud :O) a long time ago. I've seen pics, I don't even find you that attractive anymore
posted 06-03-07 08:52 AM ET (US)     33 / 39  
I've seen pics, I don't even find you that attractive anymore
That hurts...

I guess I'll have to hunt around for another family guy sequence.


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posted 06-03-07 09:22 PM ET (US)     34 / 39  
:P = joke
I'm sure you could use a different Giggy quote instead.
posted 06-15-19 01:09 AM ET (US)     35 / 39  
Phill Phree wrote in one of his campaign descriptions that he was planning a campaign called "The Glorification of Jerusalem":
<<"THE FALL OF JERUSALEM" is the first part of the JERUSALEM trilogy... The third and last ("The Glorification of Jerusalem"), shall remain a mystery till the release of the 2nd Campaign.>>>


I can't find the campaign in the database and when I write to him by the email ( that he posted in that link, the email comes back as Undeliverable. Is there any way to get in touch with him or get this campaign?

I have the same problem with Edwin "Rabbit_Pie", who wrote about a similar campaign about Jerusalem's history in this period:
"The next campaign will be coming soon, and should cover from 607 B.C.E down to the Roman Army destroying it in 70 C.E. "

Here is where he wrote about it:
The History of Ancient Jerusalem (1070 - 607 B.C.E)

I wrote to the email that he included (, but it came back as undeliverable too.

I am interested because there aren't many games available about the First Century in Judea, the time period of the beginning of Christianity, etc.

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posted 06-15-19 12:45 PM ET (US)     36 / 39  
Rakovsky, Phill Phree hasn't been seen around the site since '07. I would assume he never finished his planned works after that. I think a few people may have been in touch with him after that, but those people in turn are no longer around either. Unknown whereabouts and bouncing emails are just one of those things that become commonplace when you look through decade old uploads and posts.

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posted 06-16-19 03:16 PM ET (US)     37 / 39  
Good point, Fisk.
posted 06-20-19 11:49 PM ET (US)     38 / 39  
I saw him on the Mech Warrior Online Forum in 2017, I think:
I wonder if anyone here plays that game, they could contact him that way.
posted 08-20-20 10:28 PM ET (US)     39 / 39  
Playing the two 1st millenium BC Jerusalem campaigns that I listed above can give one an idea at least of the kind of campaigns that Phil Phree and Edwin would have made for the 1st century AD Roman conquest. Making campaigns can take a long time in my own experience, so I can understand why they didn't complete the new ones that they planned. I expect that if they had finished them, they would probably have uploaded them.
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