posted 06-13-23 07:23 PM ET (US)   
RoR always meant Rise of Rome in abbreviated Age of Empires terms, and still does. But now, there is ROR, Return of Rome. Note the capitalization of the letter O. That makes ALL the difference - does it really though? As far as I can tell, the community mostly abbreviates it to ROR. So I guess that's what it will be.

RoR = Rise of Rome
ROR = Return of Rome

It's kind of the same thing, and yet it is not, but in reality, it is... and so on and so on.

Alright, now to the real confusing part. Rise... err, Return of Rome DLC. AoEDE. In Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. ROR.

"It's an expansion to AoE2DE, just like Dawn of the Dukes, Dynasties of India, and all those expansion DLCS that came before that."

Yes... and no. Romans are playable and a new civ in AoE2DE. They are not the same as the Romans in RoR, or AoEDE. Well, they are, but not exactly. It's an Age thing.

Let's move on to the other civs in the ROR DLC. The AoE/RoR/AoEDE civs, they are now playable in AoE2DE. ROR, my bad. All of them, including the Lac Viet, the first new civ in Age of Empires, oops, I meant AoE2DE, actually ROR. All the ages of old are there too, Stone, Tool, Bronze, Iron. All the buildings and units are there. All the (amazing) graphics are the same as AoEDE. And with some of the original campaigns coming soon nearly everything is there (it always was, if you are a fan). But, there is a twist: ROR is separated. For the most part. It's basically split between AoE2DE and ROR. But, they are also both the same, sort of - did you know they actually always were? Why am I even talking plural here?


I think so too. It's an Age thing.

"Seems FE have forgotten about AoEDE now!"

You must be a blind lame priest if you still think that after the 16th of May 2023. ROR is AoEDE, see the below equation.

"It's just AoEDE converted to AoE2DE."

Ask yourself this: Who converted who? Was there even a conversion? Difficult to say. Maybe, just maybe, the converting is still in progress, and even more technologies are being researched.

"Well then, what is ROR exactly?"

The sum of ROR roughly equals AoEDE, at least partially. But it's AoE2DE. Or AoEDE in AoE2DE. Or, rather, AoEDE = AoE2DE now. Or, AoE2DE = AoEDE plus two. Let me explain: AoE+RoR+AoE2AoK+AoE2AOK: TC+AoE2HD+AoE2HD: Forgotten+AoE2HD: AK+AoE2HD: RotR+AoEDE+AoE2DE+AoE2DE: TLK+(AoE2DE: LotW+AoE2DE: DotD+AoE2DE: DoI) = ROR.

It's simply Geni(e)us!