posted 06-09-23 05:38 PM ET (US)   
I am very happy to announce that there is an incredible new tool/utility available, with which you can convert any artificial intelligence (.AI) and personality (.PER) file used in the original AoERoR game to both Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition and the Return of Rome DLC, called AOE1 to AOE2 AI Converter!
Hello All,

For the past several weeks, a friend (WWMB) and myself have been working on an update to our AI converter. As you may have guessed by the title- it is a tool that converts AOE1 scripts to AOE2 scripts. There are so many good scripts for AOE1. It was sad seeing them sit in the corner not being used. No more! With this utility- you can convert the aoe1 per and ai files into the new aoe2 per files.
This means that if you have created a custom .AI in the past, you can now easily convert it to the scriptcode AoE2DE uses with this handy tool, no need to rewrite everthing and start from scratch. It has several extra options you can add and choose from like a very useful multiplier. You can also use it to port any .AI or .PER used in custom scenario's, or campaigns, saving you a loads of time when porting a map to Return of Rome and recreating the settings. If you follow the instructions given carefully you should be fine. Just a reminder that you need the free Microsoft .net framework for the converter to run. I did a final playtest last night and it works like a charm - download it to convert your scripts with ease!