posted 05-18-23 05:10 AM ET (US)   
That didn't take long now did it? Well folks, the mystery of the purpose of the Great Pyramid has been solved! Did you know that in ancient times, during the reign of Egypt, there were Castles? Yes, the Great Pyramid was a Castle! They even shot arrows from it back in those glorious days! I guess that's what these airvents were used for. Now you might be saying BS, but it is historical fact, as Return of Rome proves it.

My mod unlocks ALL Hidden Units in the Scenario Editor in Return of Rome.

Either download the mod using the in-game Mod browser - search for "All Hidden Units (Return of Rome)" - or alternatively download the .dat file here and place it in the following directory after making a backup of your original empires2_x2_p1.dat file (copy/paste):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\modes\Pompeii\resources\_common\dat

To return to the normal dataset, simply revert back to the unaltered backed-up empires2_x2_p1.dat file.

To activate the mod, you need to select "All Hidden Units (Return of Rome)" as the default datamod from the Dataset dropdown menu in the lower right corner on the Editor screen prior to entering the actual Scenario Editor. Then select the Units tab to place any hidden unit you like!

All hidden units can be used on any map and work on the default Dataset, meaning this mod is NOT required for the hidden units to be playable, and you can share your maps with these new units with anyone else and they will work out of the box! This adds tons of unused units, buildings, embellishment and units from AoE2DE to Return of Rome, meaning you can use almost all AoE2DE units in Return of Rome.

There are several buildings which serve as eye-candy only and have no function and are missing their building icon. Other buildings from AoE2 like towers and walls can be used to your hearts content. There is even a Castle building for Return of Rome which uses the Wonder graphic, and yes, it shoots arrows and can be garrisoned in. Keep in mind that not every AoE2 building, such as the Barracks or Town Center is present (due to being used by Return of Rome itself).

Almost all AoE2DE heroes and units are present, which allows for cross-over timelines and interesting unique scenario's! If used in conjuction with the CTRL+G off grid option, the designing possibilities are virtually endless.