posted 11-26-22 07:51 AM ET (US)   
But first some new rumours about the Return of Rome DLC. It seems that from what I've been able to gather on the official AoE forums that it will actually be a new remaster of the AoEDE version. What does this mean? It could mean a total overhaul of graphics and new renders, maybe even in the size of AoE2DE, so that would mean bigger maps and buildings, aside from additional AoE2 features. There's also a rumour of AoE2DE getting a new Roman civilization, speculation on this began with a leaked image of a new Roman castle. Nothing is confirmed however. Apparently there is also a closed beta test going, so if you are not an Age insider, sign up and you might get an invite to beta-test Return of Rome. The DLC will most likely arrive early 2023.

Just to let you know, if you don't already own Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition, you should purchase it through Steam Autumn sale now - there is a major discount (65% off!) - that is if you are interested in getting the Return of Rome DLC, you will need to own the AoE2DE client to play it.

If you happen to own AoE2 HD already you get an additional discount and you can own the AoE2DE for 5,24! I reckon prices would be similar in US $. sale ends in 3 days from now. DLC's are on sale too, by the way. This is exactly what I did, I've been holding off from buying AoE2DE for numerous reasons, but this deal was too good to pass up.

Even though I think AoEDE was ignored mostly and not given the love it deserves (regarding updates and fixes), I am cautiously optimistic about Return of Rome and want to give it and FE a serious chance. I hope it receives respect and a proper treatment, and a brighter future with possible new DLC expansions on the horizon (something like Beyond the Indus would be very nice).

This chariot is not easily persuaded, but you got me halfway now, put the Wo in Wololo and you may just convert me.

The result of the previous Poll is interesting as we got a large amount of votes, which even for AoEH standards is amazing - 200 votes were cast (thank you!) and the winner of your favorite villager speech is... Erectus! It received a total of 44 votes. Rogan got 33 votes, and Zukanta in third place 22 votes. Next up, will you buy the Return of Rome DLC? Cast your vote, and be sure to keep checking AoEH from time to time for news about the new DLC!