posted 10-27-22 02:33 AM ET (US)   
This month the Age of Empires series celebrated its 25 year anniversary! That's right, our site actually predates the game itself by a few months!

Microsoft in a stream made a series of announcements concerning almost every part of the Age series (including console ports, a re-release of AoE4 and a big one concerning our sister series Age of Mythology)!

For our beloved Age of Empires 1, there was a brief mention of the classic game becoming playable in the AoE2: DE engine, an idea which has been intriguing to modders in the past and now is seemingly being embraced by the game's official development team. As we're still waiting for more in-depth reveals for these announcements, it's an exciting time to be an AoE fan!

As more information has been revealed, it turns out to be a new DLC for AoE2: DE called "The return of Rome". See the forum thread by Phatfish!

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