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Topic Subject: New Granary submissions
posted 06-26-22 05:40 AM ET (US)   
Whew, for a moment I thought uploading to the Granary (our downloads section) didn't work anymore. Glad I was proven wrong. It's been a few months since we've had any new submissions, so let's honor these latest additions. First up is Global Map 21. It's not really an accurate map in any sort of sense, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun or a challenge - maybe just lacking a bit in building space since you are located on (interconnected by shallows) small islands. You get plenty of villagers though.

Empires of the near East is a whopping 11 scenario spanning campaign for Definitive Edition, and it's quite impressive! Based on historical events spanning roughly 2000 years, you take Sumeria, Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, the Hittite Empire to the glory of their days. The maps are well designed and give a fair challenge. Even bitmaps are included, though we cannot see these in-game because DE does not support them (check them out though). I haven't played it through, but from what I saw this campaign is definitively worth your time.

I'd love to see more submissions, keep on designing and submitting!
posted 07-04-22 08:45 AM ET (US)     1 / 3  
Omg, thank you for mentioning my campaign! I am glad that I have started contributing to the community! AOE is my love and with the new Definitive Edition it has become even better. I am planning to upload more campaigns, about the nomadic tribes, the wars of Rome with the Celts and the Germanic peoples and the History of Ancient Greece and the battles of Alexander!
posted 07-10-22 06:14 AM ET (US)     2 / 3  
You are welcome! It's great to see new campaigns that have thought put into them. Looking forward to seeing more. Empires of the near East looks very promising. If you want to spice up your campaigns even further, have a look at some of the scenario tricks you can do with the game.
posted 07-15-22 10:51 AM ET (US)     3 / 3  
Hi, thanks for sharing this looks interesting.

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