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Topic Subject:An interview with _xDrMario
posted 01-05-19 08:59 AM ET (US)         
Greetings, Mario. Thanks for coming. You are currently the best AoE1, RoR & AoE: DE player in Japan and one of the strongest active players on Voobly. Because a great deal of players don't know about you, myself included, I thought it would be nice to share a bit about you with the community.

How old are you?
I am 29 this year.
Where were you born?
Japan, Tokyo.
What city do you live in? What do you like most about it?
I live in Yokohama, or Miami, Florida. I love all the good food back here in Japan. I travel a lot between US and Japan to teach students.
You said you teach students, what is your occupation?
I teach students how to fly airplanes, smaller ones though.
Is there anywhere you would like to travel to?
I've never been to Europe. Hopefully I can visit there sometime...
What are your ideal meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner?
That's a tough question, lol. Cereal/Bread/Eggs/Sausage for breakfast, curry rice for lunch and maybe some sushi for dinner.
What is your favourite thing to drink?
I missed the most important meal, dessert. Do you have a preference there?
Pudding with caramel sauce for the win.
What's your favourite colour?
What's your favourite show?
National Geographic.
What's your favourite song/music piece?
ABBA. My favourite song from ABBA is Dancing Queen.
Do you follow any sports?
I used to play tennis and badminton. Ride road bikes lately.
Do you have any interests other than AoE?
Sometimes I enjoy playing chess. Studying math I would also say. In terms of games, I've played Diablo 2, Runescape and lots of Japanese games. Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Super Mario, Zelda, most of the major ones.
What's your favourite animal?
What's your favourite Age of Empires civilization, from any of the games, and why?
Choson. Because you can run over several players just by sending Legions 19.
What's your favourite Age of Empires unit, from any of the games, and why?
Wololo~. Gives an itch on their back.
What's your favourite and your least favourite map to play on?
Inland is my favourite and both islands are my least favourite.
What got you into Age of Empires?
Finding out about from that TCP/IP option thing, if you know what I'm talking about. When you open up AoE > Multiplayer > Connection options, there is direct connection / TCP-IP / Clicking on that connects you to in the old days. It's not there anymore as it's shut down. I got into it because of its multiplayer and I started by playing DM.
How long have you been playing for?
More than 10 years now.
You currently play Age of Empires 1, have you played Age of Empires 2 or 3? If so, what made you stick with AoE1?
I've played aoe2 somewhat and a little bit of 3. Dat big graphic though, like each building is huge lol. The other reasons maybe because it is control focused meaning the maps being too fair, each civ has less of strong characteristics. In aoe1 you have to adapt more to the maps each game because they are so different, you don't always have elephants, shore fish or gazelle close to your tc. You can garrison units in aoe2 which easily makes villagers safe, which is another reason why I don't like aoe2.
Do you prefer AoE1, RoR or AoE: DE, why is that?
Pretty much the same.
Are you excited for AoE4? Will you play it?
Not sure... Seeing how DE went, I've lost my expectation as well as appreciation from MS products.
Do you fear or hate playing against any players? If so, why do you fear or hate them?
I have no fear vs anyone . But I hate it when people make same mistakes after playing 100s of games.
Are there any players you enjoy playing with? Can you share with us why you enjoy playing with them?
I enjoy playing with the current expert DE players. Thanks for competitive games.
What would you say your play style is?
Aggressive. "Your offense is your strongest defense" - Super0dfx.
What's your favourite strategy?
Peon rushing. Which is what you would call a villager rush. In stone age, you abandon economy to send in all your villagers to attack theirs hitting two players by chance can slow down your opponent and thus give your mid an opportunity to go big. Any civs work with the strategy except that Sumerian has higher hp to do it even better. It is Japanese ksg. It is nasty but strong rush.
What's your least favourite strategy to play against?
No such thing, I have all the counter-measurements I need.
Do you see yourself as a 1v1 player or a team player?
Team game comprises of 1v1s. So I am both team/1v1 player.
What do you think the future of AoE1 is?
Elimination. Players will stop playing it. But that's what's been said for the past 10 years. The only chance left is that MS puts the game on Steam.
Tell us a bit about your usernames, _xDrMario, EliSty, super9dfx, DoctoralMario and Whale RoR. What are the meanings behind them?
Nothing too interesting... I liked the game Doctor Mario for _xDrMario and DoctoralMario. EliSty=Elite Style. Super9dfx comes from Super0dfx who was once the strongest AoE1 player who was the pioneer of many strategies and Whale evokes big and strong.
Who are the top five strongest AoE1, RoR and AoE: DE players at the moment? is a rating system for DE. AoE/RoR is myself, Puma, dont_choke, Ezzo and Polarducky.The Vietnamese and Chinese players don't play with us, so I don't have a clue.
Top 5 AoE/RoR/AoE: DE players of all-time?
_xDrMario, super0dfx, _Idle_Puma_, _7eddy_ and chinalaoniao. Can't decide the order, each has strengths.
What tournament settings would you like to see in the future?
DM choson war in DE.
You were runner-up against IronSteel in the AoE: DE trial cup and have recently entered the AoE: DE 2v2 Master of Rome tournament, will you continue to enter AoE: DE tournaments in the future?
If I have time.
What result do you expect to get in the Masters of Rome tournament?
I am with SoiGia for tournament, we will be the champs.
Are there any teams you are looking forward to playing against?
Players I haven't encountered before. Like TLC.
Do you enjoy AoE: DE? Is it what you expected? Could you share your thoughts on its state at the moment?
Game itself is uber crap, to be honest and to be on the fair side. With that said, I enjoy playing with known players/friends and major motivation is pursuing how far I can go by the rating daiz made. Lag, drop, synch, corrupt AI, pathfinding, matchmaking, no rating system, lobby system, unit balance, etc. Can't name all. Windows 10 exclusive the biggest thing. Graphics are hard to see, can't distinguish shallows from land, unit corpses remain forever, units get stuck way too much. Can't distinguish normal elephants and armored elephants, they look almost identical. Same goes for villager/axeman/slinger. Ambiguous colors too. Is this an interview or a message to dev team?
What do you think should be done to improve AoE: DE?
Put it up on steam!!! That and have a dev team that will constantly improve and update it.
Do you think the balance changes in AoE: DE were needed? What do you agree with and what do you think you would've done differently?
Legions too strong, elephants too weak. Elephants are supposed to be anti units vs legions. Whereas in fact, even legions without bonuses overpower elephants easily. Fix unit pathfinding so the elephants actually attack the Legions instead of going around and around.
What is your favourite setting to play?
Inland RM.
Do you stream? If so, where can we watch you play?
I stream all the time. My youtube channel.
Why should someone watch your stream, what does it have to offer?
The No1 player you can learn from! Anyone can contact me through voobly/discord/youtube comments.
Do you prefer playing RM or DM?
I enjoy playing both.
Would you like to enter Vietnamese tournaments in the future?
Yes, that would be interesting.
What is your dream team for AoE1, RoR & AoE: DE?
AoE1/ROR: Myself+Teddy+Puma+Piro. DE: Myself+SoiGia+Imtlias+PilotElf.
What 8 players would you like to see compete with each other in a 1v1 tournament?
SoiGia, PilotElf, Memo, Chim Se Di Nang, ShenLong, Lee_Vu and myself.
What's your most interesting AoE experience?
Hmm... Switching from DM to RM. It's a totally different game. I was elite at DM but a complete noob at RM. I started RM after zone died, took me years to get from noob to inter then from inter to expert. But the knowledge that comes from DM also helps with learning RM. DM is about speed and control while RM is 70% strategy and 30% speed+control.
What is the funniest experience you've had?
In the last tournament I participated in. My quarterfinal game against Lee_Vu, I was almost dead but won the game with artifacts.
Where do you see yourself compared to Vietnamese and Chinese AoE professional players?
They play different settings... Can't compare myself to them. I'd say I'd do pretty well if we shared the same settings.
Are there any other strong players in Japan, who are they?
Just as shown in the ranking. (
If you could play anyone in a showmatch who would it be and what would you play?
I wanna play vs the top players. SoiGia, CSDN, Shenlong, Memo, Puma, PilotElf. And of course RM inland.
When do you think was AoE1's prime? Why? days. Few hundred players online at once.
If you could add any new civ, unit or technology to the game what would it be and what function would it have?
A Gate to be put between walls. Whenever your ally wants to leave your base, they have to tell you to open wall. Then after that you or he has to close it. What's the point of doing all this?
Are there any players you would like me to interview? Can be from any AoE game.
Interview SoiGia/PilotElf.
What question would you ask them?
How they became experts.
Thank you so much for taking the time to interview. Do you have any passing questions or thoughts, for me, the community or anyone in particular?
Happy new year to all!

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posted 01-05-19 01:14 PM ET (US)     1 / 5       
Nice interview. I remember watching Mario becoming an Aoe expert after many years of practice. He was only a DM player and only started to focus in RM when aoe1 dm community became small. During early voobly era there were many aoe legends playing such as aoe top 1 all time, super0dfx. Mario learned from some of the best players. Aoe isnt hard to learn but very hard to master.
As Mario mentioned, Microsoft made so many mistakes with Aoe: De. I was hyped before i actually tested the final product.
Aoe DE needs a few changes to become a real definitive version:
- pathfinding fix
- units collision
- a better network code
- a good lobby system ( cant acept anything worse than from 1997 !! )
- rating system
- replay game
- release the game on steam

Only way to attract more players as well as competitive ones.
Champion of AoEH
(id: Fruktfisk)
posted 01-05-19 02:53 PM ET (US)     2 / 5       
Thanks for sharing this Epd, it's really nice to see an old Zone player is still doing so well. Too bad I missed the days of the Zone, it truly does seem like it was the golden age of AoE.

//The warrior of Isola

"I lack quotes that demonstrate Humor Intelligence or anything about me."

Cleidopus gloriamaris
AoEH Seraph
posted 01-06-19 07:52 AM ET (US)     3 / 5       
Nice and interesting intervew!

I thought people in Japan didn't like RTS games...but well I have proven wrong.

Yes Choson are strong, I am surprised he didn't say Assyrian, I thought Assyrian was the fave of l33ts.
What do you think should be done to improve AoE: DE?
Put it up on steam!!! That and have a dev team that will constantly improve and update it.
Even the pros agree with the points raised by the members of our community. C'mon, M$ listen to your clients!

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posted 02-28-19 04:14 AM ET (US)     4 / 5       
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posted 03-11-19 10:39 AM ET (US)     5 / 5       
That is a very interesting interview, thank you for sharing!
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