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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject: How to stream Age of Empires : Rise of Rome on Twitch with OBS
posted 06-10-16 09:45 AM ET (US)   
How to stream Age of Empires : Rise of Rome on Twitch with OBS ?

- First of all : install Age of Empires and its expansion Rise of Rome... OR install directly an Age of Empires Gold/Collector's Edition

- Install the UPatch HD. It can be found here

- Launch the game with the patch (Start/Programs/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires/"Age of Empires HD Launcher")

- Change the settings from the launcher (click on SETTINGS) : if you are like me and expect the same experience as before on fullscreen, choose the largest resolution/the one you have on your desktop AND enable windowed mode ! (don't worry, the window will take the fullscreen, and the cursor will work "exactly" like before on the edge of your screen)

- Play for a test (check if everything is working... it's good to check.)

- Install OBS from the official website here. I used the old OBS Classic when I streamed last week... but I'm pretty sure the new one OBS Studio will work.

- Within OBS, right click on Scenes, add a Scene, enter Age of Empires (or whatever you like).
Launch Age of Empire HD (launcher + play... just wait on the main menu with SINGLE PLAYER, MULTIPLAYER, ... and go back on the windows desktop)
Click on your new scene Age of Empires you've just created, and right click on Sources, Add -> Window Capture, give a cool name to the source (AoE HD).
In the list, the AoE should be listed, choose it.
Check Inner window, and Capture mouse cursor (you "may" check Compatibility mode if nothing work... but don't do it for now).
Click on OK.
In the Sources table, your new source should be checked.
Now, click on Preview Stream, and go back to your AoE game (it will flush the graphics), and go back to OBS where you should see the game menu ! (with Alt Tab)

- While in "Preview Stream", click on Edit Scene to customize the output of the stream (try right click, position/size, and everything)... and there ! it works !
Click on Stop Preview

- Click on Settings, change the encoding and other options for the output (choose a nice resolution for your fans).
You are now able to record your plays ! (just try with "Start Recording"/"Stop Recording")
If the screen is black on OBS, try to flush the graphic buffer by switching between the game and OBS (Alt Tab), or even uncheck the AoE SOURCE on OBS and recheck it... some games need it, like Worms Armageddon (the menu and the game are not synchronized/reload graphic window)

- Try to record one game, if it works : you are ready to stream !
Play a little more with OBS to add microphone, webcam, nice backgrounds and graphics around your game, etc etc...
If you don't like OBS, there are some alternatives : FFsplit and many more (see on twitch or google)

- To stream on Twitch : go to the website here, create an account.
Then, you'll need your unique stream key from them, to put it in OBS (or your stream software).
Go to your profile, search on the interface a "Dashboard" (currently, on the lower left of your profile, you can see a small picture, your surname, and an arrow pointing up, click on it, and click on Dashboard... click on Stream Key, and say yes yes yes/click click click to obtain the loooong chain you should NEVER share anywhere without a good reason).
Copy the string/key stream, go to your stream software/OBS, search for a "Broadcast Setting", put your key, and don't forget to choose the right service and the nearest server.

- You are ready ! Try to stream your game now !
But don't forget : launch OBS, launch your game, switch to OBS (alt tab), try a preview of the stream, when it's ok, press the awesome button "Stream" and became an Internet Star ! :P
As some may know : there may be around 30 seconds of delay between your game and what appear in the browser of your fans... so if you ask question by voice/webcam, it will be more slow than typing on keyboard in the chat. :P

Have fun !
If you think I should edit something, ask it, I'll do it.

EDIT : I saw a ton of mistakes... I corrected some of them... sorry, it's a frenglish... (we say "clic" and the verb "cliquer" instead of "click" :P)

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this post was very helpful, thank you.
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