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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject: Missing scenarios
posted 09-03-04 05:02 AM ET (US)   

Just wondering if someone else noticed this.

I bought AOE when it came out...great scenarios (fav one about Japan). I played all the scenarios till end.

I didn't buy the add-on right away but continued with AOK.

Last year i bought the "gold version" with Rome of AOE (double cd)and decided to play all the old scenarios surprise was big when i noticed that the campaigns where shorter now...for example, there is no more the conquest of Korea in the japan campaign..

Does someone know why? lack of space? would i have access to those scenario if i played only cd 1 of the gold version? unfortuntly i gave my original AOE to a friend as i though that i would get everything in the gold version.

So anyone has got a clue?

posted 09-03-04 05:54 AM ET (US)     1 / 19  
Hmmm, I have no idea whats wrong there, but welcome to the forums, and i think ur name is french for eel is it not?
posted 09-03-04 07:15 AM ET (US)     2 / 19  
Yes...that's correct!
posted 09-03-04 07:28 AM ET (US)     3 / 19  
salut Anguille! Welcome.

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posted 09-03-04 07:42 AM ET (US)     4 / 19  
Welcome to the forums

I must confess I've never finished playing the Japanese campaign. Someone who has will be able to help.

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posted 09-06-04 03:48 PM ET (US)     5 / 19  
I have the gold version I cannot remember any conquest of Korea. I remember the last scenario was Kyushu revolts.

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posted 09-06-04 04:00 PM ET (US)     6 / 19  
It might be the old name. I see to remember I've come across it before. Anyway, in the full game the Babs, Greek and Yams campaigns have 8 scenarios, Egypt has 12. Hope that helps.
posted 09-06-04 06:55 PM ET (US)     7 / 19  
Wasn't Egypt 13?

Wasn't last Yamato mission "Tang Invasion" or something?

Hmmm... don't remember. Long time since I played the original campaigns. Maybe I'll homerun those missions and see.

posted 09-06-04 07:02 PM ET (US)     8 / 19  
Maybe in the beta version.
posted 09-06-04 07:16 PM ET (US)     9 / 19  
posted 09-06-04 08:05 PM ET (US)     10 / 19  
Hmmm, I see. My Yamato campaign is identical in all, but the last scenario is really called "Tang Invasion", although I'm sure it's the same thing with another name. Obviously my AoE CD is an original one.
posted 09-06-04 08:22 PM ET (US)     11 / 19  
So is mine, and there it's called Kyushu revolts.
posted 09-07-04 02:53 AM ET (US)     12 / 19  
Mines called
posted 09-07-04 04:52 AM ET (US)     13 / 19  
*just joking a little bit*
Take it in the good way folks: you have collection cpns!!!

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posted 09-07-04 05:33 AM ET (US)     14 / 19  
Dandrimm: if that's your last, check your CD. Is there missing a piece?
posted 09-11-04 12:15 PM ET (US)     15 / 19  
Also check if you have actually beaten that scenario.

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posted 09-12-04 04:20 AM ET (US)     16 / 19  
IVe beaten the luck...ah wel, I can live without it.
posted 09-13-04 02:39 AM ET (US)     17 / 19  
This is very strange indeed..

I think the mission i was talking about was Tang invasion and not Invasion of Korea. You had to help your allies in south Korea against invaders from the north. I remember that in the description there was the map of Korea.

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posted 09-13-04 05:03 AM ET (US)     18 / 19  
That sounds like #7, where you have to help an ally under attack.
posted 09-13-04 06:29 PM ET (US)     19 / 19  
@Anguille: the scenario you are talking about is called "A Friend In Need".
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