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Topic Subject:Change frame amount of a model
posted 05-13-19 09:36 AM ET (US)         
Hi to all, i've tried to search this on the site, but didn't find...
I would know how I can mod the frame amount of a model in Age of Empires 2.
I explain: mills frames used in feudal age are 8, in castle are used 10. Some civs have even more frame in castle age... making their animation more smart.
I've done some modification to slp files having more frame images for the mill blades, but the speed frequency of the mill is always the same, making my extra frame images pointless and nevere seen.
How I can modify this speed, increasing or decreasing it? There's a way with Adv Genie Editor?
Thx to all!

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You'll have better luck with questions regarding AoE 2 at AoK Heaven:

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