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Topic Subject:AI Files
posted 02-20-19 05:48 PM ET (US)         
AI Files:

I have quite a bit of experience with these, but I would like to get some input from others. I would say that overall the AI in DE is improved...mainly in that it tends to be more aggressive and takes a great part in the game instead of bugging out and spreading out around their base. So...I have questions about what makes a goo ai files.

For those who have experimented with these:

How many vils to go up to Tool and overall total number. I have had files with 60 vils and the cpu seems to struggle to make use of all of them. In a normal game I usually go up to Tool with +-18 vils, but that seems really rough for a cpu with no farms.

I have gotten cpu to make use of higher population limit, but it requires obviously more units in the .ai file and the .per files to overbuild houses. However, lately it seems only to work if I preplace extra houses...have you been able to get cpus to get close to 100 pop without preplacing houses?

Is a tool rushing ai more difficult or an ai that hits with bronze units. It seems that files that all out tool rush seem to beat bronze strats 1v1.

Lastly, are there any .ai files that have been used to create a decently strong opponent? That will do. Thanks for any answers
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