posted 03-14-22 08:22 AM ET (US)   
Hello all! We're reviving something from the past called the Continuous Screenshot Competition. Goes like this: Design something nice based on a theme we decide on (or no theme, free to choose whatever you like), then make a screenshot of it and share it. Can be from the original game or Definitive Edition, whichever you prefer!

In the first round you are free to choose what you want, mods allowed. Since the place is so quiet I don't care much for the rules at the moment, just want to see something nice!

How it works:

Post one screenshot (upload it on an image host somewhere then embed it with the IMG tags in your post), then afterwards when the entries are in you get one vote (you cannot vote for own entry) for your favorite made by another forumer. No prizes, or constrained by time, we'll see how it goes I guess. After this first free round the winner picks the next theme.

Start posting your screenshot!

Link to the thread:,6694,,30