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Topic Subject: Leave it to the Asian experts...
posted 09-14-21 07:46 AM ET (US) reign supreme over all in multiplayer. You will (most likely) never get this good at playing the game, it requires years and years of practice. To this day there is a huge following in both Vietnam and China who play very competitive matches on a daily basis. Much like experts TheViper and Daut in AoE2 DE who's matches are posted on youtube, the Asian community does the same and streams these battles also on facebook amongst other places.

If you have seen some of these battles before, you will recognize familiar names such as ChimSeDiNang and Bibi to name a few. Though the language spoken in the videos is probably not understandable unless you learned Vietnamese or Chinese, the matches speak for themselves. Tournaments are hosted on a regular basis with real money prizes.

These people are absolute experts at the game, perfectly in tune with every aspect of each civilization, and reach consistent 13 minute Bronze Age times with near perfect executed strategies. Though incredibly fast paced (speed is the key, if you didn't know that already!), these matches are so much fun to watch, especially if you want to learn a thing or two on how to get better at multiplayer. You will never hunt Gazelles the way you did before. Your build order will change. And, if you are really keen into getting faster, learn about hotkeys. Forumer Bichho dropped by us again to share some of these streams, which you can watch here:

ChimSeDiNang fanpage

Bibi playing with some interesting strats

If you want to join the same platform the experts are playing on, called GTV Plus, check out this post in the multiplayer forum.
posted 09-14-21 10:16 AM ET (US)     1 / 4  
Thank for your post Phatfish, I talk more about the rule that apply when play ranking in VietNam. Easy to understand is Battle in Bronze Age, no walls, no towers.

Game version: Age of Empires - Rise of Rome Expansion (version 1.0)
Game type: 1vs1
Map size: Large
Select scenario: Random Map
Victory Condition: Conquest
Fixed Position: Yes
Full Tech Tree: No
Reveal Map: No
Map type: Hill Country
Starting Age: Default
Resources: Default
Difficulty Level: Hardest
Path Finding: Default
Populition Limit: 200
Race: Random
Game Speed: 2.0 right from the start of the game.

Game bugs allowed
- Allow to use cheat farm bug.
- Bug to build 2 Town Center

In Game:

- Harvest together in peace - it is not allowed to build the BE house when there is a shadow of the enemy's villagers at the location where the shared fruit/meat.
- Not allowed to smash the opponent's BE house before reaching Bronze Age

Lose instantly when:
- Change the Cheat Setting before starting the game to use the Cheat code during the battle.
- Repair the farm caused disconnect
- Upgrading, upgrading by using another construction, not use Town Center
- Use any software outside the game to cheat.
- Using villagers to beat the enemy's people to death before reaching Bronze Age
- Using villagers to break the foundation of the enemy's house before reaching Bronze Age
- Spawn 2 army units before reaching Bronze Age
- Build Towers or Walls

- Using 1 army units attack enemy after clicking Bronze Age upgrade
- In case of collect resources together, it is allowed to build foundation all houses (except BE house).

I'm not good at English, hope you can understand rule "D3KT" which is the set of rules used in official tournaments

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posted 09-15-21 09:49 AM ET (US)     2 / 4  
Do people still use GameRanger and Voobly to play online?

StormComing (to me): "Seems like you're way under-ranked"

Check out my series of guides for the scenario editor in the link below! | Best Otto TR score

The definitive collection of my scenarios, along with my scenario editor walkthrough, recorded games, and much much more!
posted 09-15-21 01:02 PM ET (US)     3 / 4  
Very few players on Voobly, haven't checked GameRanger in like 5 years
posted 09-15-21 10:26 PM ET (US)     4 / 4  
I think they still play but the community not as big as Vietnamese and Chinese. It's hard for you to find a good match
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