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Topic Subject:How to change game rules while using GameRanger?
posted 05-14-20 10:37 AM ET (US)         
Hello everybody,

i am playing online Aoe3 Asian dynasties (last patch 1.03) with Gameranger. Everything's is working fine but 1 thing.

We go to a mutual lobby, start the game and arrive into the page before to start the game. I can change every option but not the game rules.

I saw that into the LAN page i can change the rules BUT when i start with gameranger, the pages goes through automatically.

If i change myself the rules into the LAN Page, then i don't access the last page to start the game.

If i try to host a game or to give my IP Adress to my friends, they don't find me and we are unable to play.

I play aoe 3 under windows 10. This is the last patch for aoe 3 and gameranger is up to date. Firewalls are unactive.

Thanks a lot !

RESOLVED > For those who are interested, you need after starting Gameranger, to leave Game, set the rules, then start the game by clicking "host".
And you can start the game !

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posted 05-16-20 05:20 PM ET (US)     1 / 1       
Hey LuisT, glad you could resolve your issue, but for future reference, there's this other site where you might have more luck with questions regarding AoE3

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