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Age of Empires Heaven » Forums » Scenario Design and Modding » Can you make it so that winning your Individual Victory Conditions gives your team an Allied Victory?
Topic Subject:Can you make it so that winning your Individual Victory Conditions gives your team an Allied Victory?
posted 07-19-19 04:45 PM ET (US)         
I want to make it so that meeting my Individual Victory Conditions will peacefully win the game for me and my allies. But this is not possible, because it says "You must select Allied Victory for all allies", right?

The Using the Editor Guide says about the Individual Victory Conditions: "If used, they can be assigned in addition to or instead of global victory conditions". How do you choose whether the Individual VCs are used in addition to or instead of the Global VCs?

A) If I set an "Ally" for myself, and go against a Third Neutral Player, without checking Allied Victory, then I alone win when I meet my Individual Victory Conditions.

If I set everyone to "Ally" with each other without checking "Allied Victory" for anyone, then I alone still win when I meet my Individual Victory Conditions.

B) If I pick an Ally and then set him and myself to Allied Victory, against a third neutral player, then achieving my Individual Victory Condition becomes irrelevant to winning the mission, and I have to achieve the Global Custom conditions.
(Example: My Individual Condition was finding a Gaia Scout, and the Custom Global Condition was set to require "Any One" and "Artifact". So finding the Scout but not the artifact did not win the scenario. But getting the artifact without getting the Scout did win the scenario.)

The game instructions for the "Allied Victory" box say: "Any Allied Player Who achieves the Victory Condition wins the Game for all Allies". So the "Victory Condition" must refer to the Global Victory Condition.

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posted 07-26-19 06:06 PM ET (US)     1 / 3       
The game always checks if the Individual Victory OR Global Victory conditions are fulfilled. However in most cases you can simply set the global condition to something like Conquest and place a single enemy unit in some corner that can't be reached by the player and the player will effectively only be able to win through their individual VC:s. However there is no option to make the player win only once Individual Victory AND Global Victory conditions are met at the same time.

Regarding Allied Victory, I know Gumble experimented a lot with that feature, and his results were pretty interesting. You should check his old threads:,6015,,all,6022,,all

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posted 10-04-19 09:35 PM ET (US)     2 / 3       
Good advice, Fisk.

Thompsoncs was saying that if you have individual victory conditions for yourself and for an ally, then you can both win if you both fulfill your own Individual VCs.

I tested it and he is correct.
1) If Player 1 and Player 3 have an Individual VC each of convert 1 unit, are Allied with each other and are set to ALLIED VICTORY, then they can win for their team by each achieving their individual objective: Converting one unit each.

2) If Players 1 and 3 and each must convert 1 unit for their Individual VCs, and are allied with Player 4 who has no Individual VCs, and they are set to ALLIED VICTORY, then the only way that any one of them can win is to get a GLOBAL VICTORY. This is because if ALLIED VICTORY is selected, they must all meet their Individual VCs or they must meet the conditions for Global Victory.
posted 10-04-19 11:12 PM ET (US)     3 / 3       
I asked this because I was designing my Gethsemane scenario and didn't want my Player's victory to make it say that my other allied players were "defeated".

So now I made an Update to that scenario where I set my own Team's VCs to things like Gather Wood and Bring an object(scout) to an area, made all other 7 players allied with me and with eachother, set everyone to ALLIED VICTORY, shared with them my only individual goal of bringing my object(scout) to the same area that I chose for my object, gave them no other goals besides that one goal, and this let me win the game for everyone when I met my own VCs.

Here is the updated version of my Gethsemane scenario:

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