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Age of Empires / Rise of Rome / Definitive Edition
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Topic Subject:Ripping off Spirit of the Law: Palmyrian edition.
posted 09-29-19 08:04 PM ET (US)         
It seems I am now getting requests for these. Maybe I am more popular then I thought! Maybe, I should open a You Tube cha-Nah, I have a very duck-like voice, so it wouldnt work out.

Infantry: B-( The Palmyrans have a very... Weird, thing, with their infantry. Late game, their infantry is technically amongst the worse in the game due to the lack of Centurion, Legion and even Long Swordsman.

However, early game, their powerfull economy lets then do a surprisingly good Axeman rush. Whether that is a point for their economy or to their infantry is up to debate, but, the main point of the matter is, on the Tool Age, they can use Axeman to great effects. )

Cavalry: B+( They get everything on the Bronze Age, and everything except Cataphracts on the Iron Age... So, one might say, they get everything important!

Their Camel Rider bonus is, in my opinion, albeit circunstancial, more usefull then people give it credit for, because it is really convenient to have something that can actually effectivelly chase down Horse Archers. Scythe Chariots are too frail, and Cataphracts, though they work a bit better, are too slow... And they dont actually get Cataphracts anyway. )

Archery Range: B( For some reason I dont really understand, they lack Elephant Archers despite having Armored Elephants. I think they are the only civilization on this game to have only-One-Out of these two units. Dont quote me on that.

Their Archery Range is nearly complete, with the single exception of a crucial weakness( Well, debatably two if you count the lack of Elephant Archers, but many players deem then as not being very cost-effective anyway ): They lack the "Artisanship" Market technology. This is mostly crippling for their HHA, because it makes then more vulnerable to other archers. HHA are debatably more vulnerable to other archers then actual cavalry to begin with. It is likely to not matter much when they are being used against meele units, though, but still... )

Siege Workshop: B( Get Heavy Catapults and Ballista, but their lack of Engineering makes their Heavy Catapults vulnerable to the Heavy Catapults of some other civilizations, as well as Ballista Towers. )

Navy: B( The fact they get Triremes and Fire Galleys, as well as a pretty powerfull economy, means they shouldnt have too much trouble taking control of the seas. )

Priests: B( They might be ranked lower, though, depending on how you feel about the Martydon tech. Martydon is a rather famously broken tech, but abusing it too much can prove to be a bad idea, especially if gold is running low... )

Defenses: B+( They get just about everything important, though. A note to make, however, is that their more expensive villagers make then very vulnerable to early raids. )

Economy: A( Potentially one of the most powerfull economies in the game, rivalling even the Shang. But they are a lot harder to manage and get used to then the Shang. The fact their villaggers cost 50% more food while working "just" 20% faster means that TECHNICALLY, their villagers are less cost effective then the ones of other civilization

But, you already start with a few of then, and for as long as you can gather food early on, this wont be a problem. You should age up on the same villager count as you usually do, simply focusing as much as you can on food. They lack some crucial Market technologies on the late game, making their villagers actually more slow at gathering gold and wood on the late game then the one of civilizations that do get these techs... But, they get the fastest working farmers out of any civilization, as the farming upgrades only affect the amount of food per farm, NOT the work rate of the farmers. You will need more villagers on gold and especially wood, and less villagers on food, on the late game because of that. Deciding when to make the transition from a mostly food-based economy to a mostly wood-based one is the crucial part: You should ideally begin the transition by some point on the Tool or Bronze age, though more experienced players can say more about this then me. )
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