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Cheat Codes

These are all the known (and working) hotkeys and cheats for the development and CGW Demo versions of Age of Empires.


Late Alpha Hotkeys and Cheats

When playing In-game, you can use the following keys:

#0-8 – Switch perspective to defined CPU/Gaia player and control it

F3 – Pauses the game

F5 – Displays fps=1000 (frames per second),view=0,map=0,scr=0,upd=0,comm=0,oth=0,tot=0,avg view time=0,count=1014

F6 – Reveal Map

F7 – No Fog

F8 – Displays Optimal: Buf=9 Gran=58953030, RXPacket=0 and more (Most likely used for MP)

F9 – Player #1 is not a computer player (Only works for CPU players, adjusts speed?)

F11 – Displays Game time in the upper-right corner (below the Menu button)

CTRL+W – Adds 1000 Wood to your stockpile

CTRL+F – Adds 1000 Food to your stockpile

CTRL+G – Adds 1000 Gold to your stockpile

CTRL+S – Adds 1000 Stone to your stockpile

CTRL+I – Adds object count # (e.g. 643-Town Center) before the object name in the status screen

CTRL+E – Pauses the game

CTRL+B – Hide all ojects

CTRL+D – Hide all ojects, toggles an older drawing mode called SLOWDRAW in the commandline parameters

CTRL+A – Select all objects
CTRL+Q – Quicken (everything done instantly)
CTRL+P – Places a piece of rubble to show unit movement destination

CTRL+T – Opens up the In-game Scn Editor 

CTRL+O – Changes selection of object/unit/building/hp bar to old hp bar or height selection

CTRL+V – Save screen, save current game as a scenario

CTRL+N – Quick start a new Random Game with the default settings

V – View Town Center


Late Beta Cheats

During a game, press ENTER to open the chat window, and type any of the following cheats. Press ENTER again to activate.

Cheat – Description

Wood – 1000 Wood

Food – 1000 Food

Gold – 1000 Gold

Stone – 1000 Stone

Givemenuke – Soldier_Nuker (Long aim)

Timsayscheat – Disables Cheats (write again to enable)

Quick – Everything get’s ready instantly

Player# – Replace # (1-8) Switch perspective to a CPU player and control it.

Gaia – Control GAIA, use this cheat to reveal the map

Suicide – You die instantly

Victory – You Win

Diediedie – Destroys all other players

Resign – Resign

Runplay – Unknown

Zeus – Used to enable/disable cheats (thanks to Sandy Petersen for clarifying this). Leftover in the final, and doesn’t do anything.


CGW Demo Cheat Code

VICTORY – Immediate victory.