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Angel Zen

HG Halo
Forum Administrator / Chief Technical Officer (The ‘Boss’)
Email: zen (at)
Joined HG (known as HeavenWeb back then) staff in the spring of 1998, currently busy keeping the servers running, going to school, and working. A distinguished member of the “Enemies of Fun Society.”


HG Angel
News Editor / Forum Moderator / Granary Moderator
Email: dubstepfisk (at)
I’m a slightly bitter Swede who listens to a lot of dubstep. Most people still know me as Fruktfisk, which was my original name, and many variations of it are still in use. I joined AoEH in 2007, mostly to get some feedback on my scenario design work. I stuck around for a couple of years until I managed to get my first campaign finished. During that time I got to know the wonderful people of AoEH. Now I’ve been a (somewhat) active designer for almost 5 years, and I still find the quality of my work is improving.

In 2020 I was promoted to the rank of Angel and with the release of my campaign “Nubia – In the Shadow of the Nile” I also put scenario design on the shelf. However I still care a great deal about the craft and I’m always happy to see new quality submissions.


HG Cherub

News Editor / Forum Moderator / Granary Moderator

Email:  lostempiresmod (at)

I came to AoEH pretty much as the activity of the forums had dwindled to a handful of people, coming here for the vast amount of knowledge that I used to help understand how to tinker around with the game files. I’ve gradually become one of those handful of people. I’ve helped work on various projects as well as my own. Of which lead to me also being apart of the multiplayer community and to some extent the competitive scene. I would love to see a blossoming community here again and am proud to be apart of the staff.



HG Cherub

News Editor / Forum Moderator / Granary Moderator

Email: grantsphone90 (at)

Moderator at Voobly and now at AoEH.



HG Seraph
Webmaster / Chief News Editor / Forum Admin / Content writer / Granary Moderator / Tech guy
Email: phatfish (at)
I first visited AoEH back in December 1998, a time in which AoEH was quite different from what it is today. What attracted me to this place was the wealth of information, and especially scenario design. Visited the forums quite often, and shortly after I became a regular under my real name back in 2001 (how time flies!). I have been around here for a long time, and have seen many people come and go. I made many friends, both here on AoEH and on the now long gone Zone.

Suppiluliuma asked me to become a Staff member after former seraph The Dark Archer and Angel Nacht Jaeger stepped down. AoEH was in need of new staff to keep things updated and running. You can find me in the forums and on a few other Heavens in case you want to contact me.



HG Angel
Forum Admin / Ladder Admin / Co-News Editor / Granary Moderator
Email: suppiluliuma (at)
High King of Hattusas and governing the Hittites.

Special Thanks and Credits:

To former seraph Phill Phree (Phillistine) and former angel Peter for taking the keys to the site back in 2001, Dr Lorenzo and The Dark Archer in 2006-2011, and keeping the site and the community alive.

To former AoEH staff members – Alexander, Spineman, Grenadier, Rasher, CenturionZ_1, Angel Azoic, Nacht Jaeger and any we’ve forgotten.

To Archangel for starting it all.

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