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LordSoth vs. John Romero

Around 12/19/1997

This was a game between Sean “LordSoth” Wolff and Doom/Quake/Daikatana creator John Romero.  It seems there was a little trash talking in the pre-game chat, but could Soth beat the FPS pioneer and keep his dignity, or would he lose at his own game to grandmaster frag himself?  Let’s see… 

Angel Washizu

Here is a little “Exchange” that lead to the below Match!

The_Romero> ^&%$&%^$&^%$&^%$& !!!!!
The_Romero> !#@!$#@#$@!!!!!
LordSoth@ES> hehehehehehehehehehehehe
LordSoth@ES> we need to do this again romero
The_Romero> C’mon LordSoth, let’s go. You think you’re a man???!!!!!
Noel_ION> Oh my
LordSoth@ES> you and me only??? 🙂
The_Romero> You can bring someone if you want, but 1on1 is fine with me!
LordSoth@ES> game 1 baby
Seb_ION> Ya’ll are some tough mutha’s
The_Romero> You bringing someone? Team?
LordSoth@ES> nope
Noel_ION> haha
Noel_ION> yeahh
The_Romero> OK BIG BOY!!!
LordSoth@ES> you must meet the LORD

Here’s the “Summary”; From Lord Soth himself!

We played an Large Island map, with me to the lower right and John in the upper left. I was able to progress to bronze age rather slowly compared to the games we play up here (about 20 minutes). Sent a transport full of villagers to his island and create a second town (more of a military camp). I had it up and running and still didnt see or hear from Romero (got bored of that quick). So I sent so galleys around to the other side and scouted his island out. I don’t even think he knew I was there. I finally saw his scout run into the military camp and killed it fast (got to love those Phalanx). By this time it was way to late for him to make a difference. But he brought his boats around and killed a couple of villagers and towers that I placed to close to the shore.

I thought it would be funny to harrass him. I sent 4 phalanxes at a time to different parts of his town. Let him kill them for kicks. While I was doing this I was going IRON. Didn’t take long. Captured all the Ruin sites and upgrade to Heavy Catapults and Legions. Then it was time to cut off his blood, and show him the true light of the Lord. 🙂 I sent groups of 8 Phalanx and 3 or 2 catapults to both sides (FLANK HIM GOOD). I easily crushed his town and was picking up the Last ARTIFACT and we had com problems. It dropped the game. 🙁 No ROMERO DEFEATED MESSAGE. All he had left were a couple of houses, his 3rd town center (I killed them every time he finished building a new one, that had to be a pain for him).

We chatted a bit afterwards. It was a clear VICTORY for me. He wants to give it a rematch sometime soon, I believe they all do. Guess we will have to make the next one a shut out. – Lord (And Master of ION) Soth (Ensemble Studios)

Personally I enjoyed watching the chit chat and play by play on line last night – but Whats gong to happen in the next match up? Or better yet, when Daikatana hits the streets and its ION’s turn to have the home court? Only Heaven Knows 🙂

– The Archangel

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