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As some of you already know, Age of Empires Heaven is my third Heaven site. I started more than 2 years ago with Civ II Heaven (Great Game and I met allot of good Fans and Webmasters of Other Civ II sites) it was a very enjoyable site to do. But I over extended myself doing a Dark Reign Heaven (The First Dark Reign Site on the Internet) site at same time (I didn’t have all the Angels I do now, to help me back then:).

Dark Reign was another excellent game and Auran and Activision were very good to me in helping me with an early start. But after more than 14 months of updating daily (sometimes 3-5 hours a day) I needed a break. I closed Civ II Heaven and give Dark Reign Heaven to a close friend.

But the Whole Heaven/Angel Theme was still in my blood, so I toyed with 10 (2-3 WebPages each – just messing around – if you really wanted to know the truth) game sites for about a month (Age of Empires was one of those games).

This was back in May of last year. About that time, some of the fine Ensemble Studios Dudes stumbled across Heaven and give me a some help with graphics and information.. and so starts the first Age of Empires Fan Site.. And Now we are entering our ninth month…

Why I am I telling you all of this? Well, in past few months, it seems I am running into more and more immature people and webmasters than I have ever did in more than three years of daily cruising on the internet. The only bright spot to this all this, is 99% of the people I interact with daily, either through Heaven email, games or surfing are some of the nicest and helpful people I know.

Let’s get back to that 1% – This Heaven Site (like all those before her) attempts to make the site enjoyable to all fans for all Ages and all experience Levels. Thats why you will see strategies posted from the very simple to the very complex, from the new player that just bought the game to the old Beta players, from the very young to the very young at heart posted on this site. But more importantly is why you will not see any of the “Angels” using FOUR letter words (or any “Naughty Words” – as we refer to them as 🙂 to get their point across to Fans or on our webpages. Do I “Trash Talk” you bet! – When playing AGE games with close Friends, but there is a time and place for everything and in an open forum that can be read by anyone of any age, is not one of them.

I have had a couple of complaints about the Heaven Forums because of the “Naughty Words” list that ##### out words that “I” don’t think a young adult should be exposed to, when he or she is visiting Heaven because they enjoy the game. You don’t like the “Censorship”? – Tough! – Go some where else, there all many internet sites (and newsgroups) that will let you express yourself in that manner if you want.

Playing games with Heaven Fans – We try almost nightly to play Heaven fans and we enjoy these games greatly. But we play them for fun, not to be the best or to make fun of the people we are playing. If you want to see the “Archangel” resign fast, just start talking about how great and superior you are as a “Human Being” – Yea right. It’s sad there are people playing Age that are like that :(.. but I ran into another “person” like that on Saturday night.

Why do we even care about Heaven? – I can’t answer for the rest of the “Angels”, but for me personally; its comments like the one below from a ten year old Fan that makes all the hard work seem like Fun again.

“All Angels: I really like AOE Heaven, keep up the good work” – A 10 year old Fan Commenting on Us Angels in the Zone last Friday night.

Sadly enough, I didn’t get to a chance to play this Fan, but have invited him or her to play a couple of games with us “Angels” and maybe join as an “Observer” in couple others, to see how we manage to keep our losing records intact :).

Well, I think I have flapped my wings enough for one day, Comments? – The Archangel

A Fan Comments:

I totally agree with the points you made in your editorial :). What you said about the swearing gets really old and I think that (older) people should be a little more mature about playing the game. That is what it is, isn’t it? A game to play and have fun with? I thought so :). As I was reading your editorial (?) / article, I thought the direction might turn to different kinds of websites. Everytime I really get into a game and look on the internet for more information, there are sooo many different websites for each game. I have to say that I was very lucky that your Age..Heaven site came up on the top of my search list. This is THE best game site that I have found on the internet. More than informative :). The first thing that I did was bookmark the page and send some links to my friends. Then I downloaded some scenarios and spent two and a half hours reading your strategies and information on *.ai and *.per files. If I ever find some time, I plan to learn these so I can make some interesting custom games. Mostly, what I want to say is that your site ROCKS!. The graphics are superb and don’t take too long to download on a modem. Everything is well thought out and easy to find. I especially like the agetoons :). Oh yeah, I also went to every sponsor I could find on your page :). So, Keep up the Great! work and try not to get burned out on this page, because I think that Empires has enough cool stuff to keep people from getting bored. Once again, great job, – HootOwl

A Fan Comments:


Well, I’m writing again. No typos this time! 🙂 Just read your comments/rants section! Man! That was excellent! Great attitude and ideas! I’m an extremely conservative person and a Born again Christian and am sick and tired of all the trash out on the Internet. I love games and AoE is one of my tops! (though I’m pretty sorry at the multiplayer so far.) I also play a lot of Quake and constantly see the trash on servers that I go too. People cursing, talking trash that’s waaayyy tasteless and out of line, and even websites that are game sites yet they still have trash on them. I now have a new found respect for your web page and all the work you Angels do. Keep it up!

May the Yamato never overun your banks. – ~Lord_V’alien