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Interview with "maimin_matty" Scadding

The Ultimate Grand Emperor of Age!

Angel Washizu: What exactly did you do with the helmet and shield the Zone gave you?

Maimin_Matty: Both the helmet and shield have found cosy little spots in my room. The helmet makes a great beer mug and I can wait to go sledding on the shield in the winter. hehe just kidding around! I wear them every once in a while to act cool around my girlfriend but she always laughs at me.....

Angel Washizu: If you could have one feature in AOK that isn't currently in now, what would it be?

Maimin_Matty: I was actually wondering the other day about an idea. Basically it would be good for scenarios where a building or ruin was worth something economically. For instance, for every 5 years a player holds the log mines of canada they get 50 wood, or if they hold the world bank for 10 years they get some gold....something like that. Might make for some interesting mutliplayer economic wars when there are tactical points to hold.

Angel Washizu: Have you ever used Roger Wilco or Battlefield Communicator?  If so, do these tools offer an unfair advantage or merely a nice way to chat during the game without interrupting game play (not counting the voice chat bug that lets you chat after you resign from a game).

Maimin_Matty:  Honestly i have tried many different things to see how they work and Roger Wilco is among them. It is an interesting device and does help some. But it still comes down to communication. A person that didn't type messages to their allies without Roger Wilco probably isn't going to communicate
important messages with the program.
   As far as resigning and telling your friend where stuff is....i have screwed around with these kinds of things while playing jokes on friends....and it honestly hurts as much as it helps. I found myself spending so much time paying attention to the resigned player it totally negated the fact that i new approx where my next berries were....and ended  up almost losing!

Angel Washizu: What other type of games do you like?  Do you play any of them as well as AOE/ROR?

Maimin_Matty:  I like almost any computer games. I would have to say some of my favourites are Myth 1&2, HOMM 2&3, Starcraft, Baldur's Gate, Quake 1&2, Half Life, Magic Carpet, Civ 1&2, C&C (all of them), and pretty much every other game I have played in my time.

Angel Washizu: What is your favorite John Prine song? (My Dad is the biggest John Prine fan ever, so I know a lot of em! :)

Maimin_Matty:  Hard to pick a John Prine favourite. He is an amazing song writer who is extremely underappreciated. A few of my favs have got to be Sam Stone, Angel from Montgomery and, although no longer one of my favourite favourites...probably the first John Prine song i ever heard.....Illegal Smile. Pretty much every song this guy has wrote is my favourite (except the christmas album he did to get more money for his heroine or crack habit, i forget which addiction)

Angel Washizu: How would your ideal AOE/ROR tournament be run?

Maimin_Matty:  I would be named #1 and everyone else plays for the spots below me :)
   I think the ideal tournament should have 1000s of people from around the world in it. They should want to be in it whether they win or not. Maybe help them get interested by having a 'best of your country' side competition...fastest tool and bronze..etc. There should be lots of different goals for people to shoot for rather then just the first prize. Don't get me wrong though...being #1 in a competition is a great honour.

Angel Washizu: One last question...  how often did you play AOE/ROR when you spent the most time on it, and how often do you play now?

Maimin_Matty:  I have gone in spurts. I would estimate i have spent about 3000 hours playing AoE and RoR...i am not sure whether that is underestimating over overestimating though. These days i am playing much less. I used to play at least once a day but in my old age i often find myself going out with my friends and generally having a noncomputerized social life. So i would say i have a game every second day....or a few games every second day. I probably spend about 10-15 hours a week still playing and waiting for games.  Soon however i will be headed to Seattle and be playing Age of Kings for 40 hours a week and getting paid. It feels a bit like a dream! However  there is still a chance my visa will get turned down at the border and i might have disappointing news for your readers.....so wish me luck!

Angel Washizu: Thanks Matty!  It was a pleasure getting to know you a bit better.

            Ultimate Grand Emperor of Age

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