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Interview with "maimin_matty" Scadding

The Ultimate Grand Emperor of Age!


Angel Washizu:  Hey Matty!  Thanks for answering a few questions.  First of all, in case anyone is new to the AOE community, "maimin_matty" is the undisputer Ultimate Grand Emperor of Age.  Last fall, he won the Rumble for Rome Tournament in Seattle, winning a trip for two to Rome and $2000, sadly knocking out Angel Washizu in the 5th round.  A few weeks ago, matty and his clanmate, Out4blood, won the 3rd Ultimate Ager Tournament, hosted by The_Sheriff.

Now matty, I have to ask, how was your trip to Rome and who did you end up bringing?

Maimin_Matty:  You were a close second Ben. First place went to my lovely girlfriend Angie. Although my brother was threatening assasination to get the spot.
   The trip was amazing. We stayed in two cities while we were there, Roma and Venezia (rome and venice). Rome was an absolutely crazy city with, to date, the worst traffic i have ever seen. There seemed to be no lanes and  no stop signs. I felt i was going to die many a time when driving around in taxis.
   We were able to see almost every site we wanted to, the colloseium, Vatican, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain. One of the things which struck me as most beautiful were the piazzas. Not pizza! Basically it is a city square if you know what that is. A wide open space for just pedestrians with some beautiful fountains with shops and bistros lining the outside. We spent quite a few of our lunches just sitting and watching all the people going by.
   Venice was the city which we both fell in love with however. It is the most unique city in this world. Instead of buses they have boat buses, they don't have roads on the main island so any trasportation is done by foot or boat. Narrow watery steets created a kind of surreal Waterworld kind of feel.
   We didn't actually stay on the main island we stayed on the island of Lido, which is also part of Venice. It was even more breathtaking then the mainland. I think all it's residents must of been millionaires with their huge houses and must of had their own personal landscape architects. I am at a loss for words to describe the beauty of these people's homes.

Angel Washizu: How much Lira can you get with $2000 anyway? ;)

Maimin_Matty:  Some ungodly amount. Around 3,500,000. I left a millionaire and came back a pauper.

Angel Washizu:  Ok, now for some ROR questions...  I remember reading that you prefer to use the random civ setting, as opposed to picking yourself.  One thing I find in doing this is that I have more fun trying to win with an unused civ like Babylonian than picking a civ that I know will have an early advantage over my opponent.  So, finally getting to my question, has playing random lead to any interesting game stories?
Maimin_Matty:  Well i remember underestimating some players once upon a time. In a 3v3 against blank and some other experts we did a random. They got 2 carths and a greek i think and we were lucky enough to get assyrian yamato and minoan. To make a long story short we were crushed. None of our team was really taking it seriously and it didn't take long for 50 hoplites to give us a little hurt.
   Another time i remember getting crushed by someone's macedonian cat rush....ouch. Regardless of what you throw against cats it is hard to stop 10-15 of those things in bronze age.
   My stories are short but my point is that random made me open my eyes to someother fun strategies!

Angel Washizu:  Here's a question most people want answered.   In one game against The_Sheriff at the Rumble for Rome, (yes, to most people it was THE game  of the night) you passed up the double berries for the whole game.  Why? From what the commentators were saying, they could have been useful.

Maimin_Matty:Now i was told about the double berries after the game and i remember seeing them in the game. I think i started with the storage pit and forgot about them after that. In those bright tense situations it is difficult to concentrate fully like we could in the comfort of our own homes. The camera lights almost blind a person and there is constant hooting and hollaring in the background. If i was to do it again i would definitely feel more comfortable but it was very unnerving that first experience.
   So i guess what i mean to say is that i don't remember ever thinking, 'i should use those'. Whether that was a wise decision or not is questionable...maybe next time i will take them :)


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