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Bio – Dr Lorenzo

Let me see…..

Well, I guess my interest in designing started around two and a half years ago, mid 2000 I guess. I received Age of Empires as a gift and, even though this was well after AoE had had it’s day, I loved it.

After a while, I got tired of playing Glory of Greece (At this time I was unaware of Heaven Games…..or anything else on the internet……so I had no downloaded campaigns) and I began to toy around with the Editor. My first scenarios were crude multiplayer maps, and as I always wanted to use a bit of everything, they were quite diverse!

As I progressed in mastering the editor, I became aware of Individual Victories, Gaia (My first scenario used Gaia as the enemy!) and eventually, I was led to Age of Empires Heaven via Zeus Heaven.

The site was very different in those days, with different staff, but there were lots of people to lend me a hand in my questions, and soon after, I began work on a serious campaign-I still have it to this day!. It was very shoddy, really, but after playing imhotep’s and Ingo van Thiel’s campaigns, I began something new.

It was around this time AoEH was revamped, and I wanted to be one of the first to submit something new. I worked for a few weeks on a campaign (The Alliance) which can be downloaded to this day. I thought it was very good at the time but on reflection, I now see it is…..well, rubbish.

At was around this time I bought Rise of Rome, which opened up a lot more scenario design ideas. Soon after, AoEH held the “SnakeEyes” campaign design contest, which I entered, not expecting much.

I worked long and hard on that campaign (Xazak IV), and it must have paid off, because, to my great suprise, I won!

That brings us to the present, I guess. I now work on AoE/RoR projects still, and will be for a very, very long time. I also design with Empire Earth, Age of Wonders 2, and I am trying to get the hang of the Zeus Editor.

My Upcoming AoE/RoR Projects:
· Yemboli (Multiplayer Map)
· Nambor Revisited (Sequel to Contest Campaign)
· Rama (Fantasy Campaign)

My Upcoming Empire Earth Projects:
· The Economic Revolution (Epic Scenario)
· Goosebury Tales (Collaboration)

My Upcoming Zeus Projects:
· New World (Economic Scenario)

-Dr Lorenzo (2003)