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Welcome to the Agetoons section of AoEH. Over the last 5 years people have been sending comical Agetoons made by doctoring, editing or screenshotting a few graphics from the game. The end result should be a funny toon.

We lost the author's name for a lot of the Agetoons so they are going as Anon for now. If you recognise an Agetoon you submitted, e-mail me, Seraph Suppiluliuma.


Submitting an Agetoon

If you would like to submit an Agetoon please follow the following procedure:

1. Agetoons must be Age of Empires or Rise of Rome related, NOT Age of Empires 2, Age of Kings, The Conquerors or Age of Empires III. Please send those to Age2Toons or Age3Toons. This applies to all toons for other games, send them to the appropiate Heaven site.

2. Please save your Agetoon as a JPEG or GIF. Many of the leading picture editors let you convert bitmaps to JPEGs or GIFs.

3. If you want your picture to tell a story, try making an animated GIF. To make it easier to read, why not make a monotoned box at the bottom of your pic with a little caption and signature.

4. Your Agetoon may not exceed 512KB. otherwise it will take ages to upload and for the ordinary 56k modem user to view.

5. Do not create a thumbnail yourself please, the gallery will do this for us automatically.

6. Do not put anything offensive, pornographic, anything that advertises another site, or other such stuff in your Agetoon. Common sense applies here.

7. If you are happy with your Agetoon, please submit it to my e-mail at the top of the page. In your e-mail, mention the name you want the Agetoon to be accredited to and the title for your Agetoon.