War Galley

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War Galley

Age: Bronze
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Dock, upgrade to War Galley.
Upgrade Cost: 150 food, 75 wood
Cost: 135 wood
Hit Points: 160
Attack: 8
Armor: – – –
Piercing Armor: – – –
Range: 6
Speed: Fast
Upgrade of: Scout Ship
Special: Boats are twice as resistant to conversion as other units.

The War Galley has more hit points, attack strength, and range than a Scout Ship. The War Galley can be upgraded to the Trireme. War vessels fire at enemy villagers, military units, and boats within range. Researching Alchemy increases attack strength. Ballistics increases accuracy. Woodworking, Artisanship, and Craftsmanship increase range.


The appearance of the ram triggered an arms race in ship design. Hulls were strengthened to support ever heavier rams on the bow. As hulls grew larger, more oarsmen were required to provide power. A deck was added and a second group of oarsmen was placed here. This increased power without increasing length, but the deck made the ship somewhat more unstable. A ship with two levels of rowers was called a bireme.