Trade Boat

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Trade Boat

Age: Stone
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Dock.
Upgrade Cost: – – –
Cost: 100 wood
Hit Points: 200
Attack: – – –
Armor: – – –
Piercing Armor: – – –
Range: – – –
Speed: Fast
Upgrade of: – – –
Special: Boats are twice as resistant to conversion as other units.

The Trade Boat lets you trade with other civilizations to increase your stockpile of gold. The Trade Boat can be upgraded to the Merchant Ship.


Small boats were used by Stone Age peoples for trading across rivers, lakes, and oceans. We know, for example, that tool stone found on Aegean Islands was brought to the mainland and other islands by traders long before large seagoing boats existed. Primitive trading boats were usually dugout canoes, papyrus bundles, or hide boats with a limited cargo capacity. They probably carried only limited quantities of valuable trade goods, such as carvings, ivory, furs, tool stone, decorative minerals, and amber. Large bulk cargos could not be carried profitably in small trading boats.