Long Swordsman

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Long Swordsman

Age: Iron
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Barracks, research Short Sword, upgrade to Broad Sword, upgrade to Long Sword.
Upgrade Cost: 160 food, 50 gold
Cost: 35 food, 15 gold
Hit Points: 80
Attack: 11
Armor: 2
Piercing Armor: – – –
Range: – – –
Speed: Medium
Upgrade of: Broad Swordsman
Special: – – –
The Long Swordsman has more hit points, attack strength, and armor than the Broad Swordsman. The Long Swordsman can be upgraded to the Legion.
Researching Toolworking, Metalworking, and Metallurgy increases attack strength. Leather Armor, Scale Armor, and Chain Mail increase armor. The Bronze Shield and Iron Shield increase piercing armor.


Here’s just a better and uglier broadie. Apart from the extra HPs and attack strength he gets more armour. There are better Iron Age units and the only thing the swordsman has going for him is the low cost and the fact that in ROR they count as a half unit to your pop limit. Roman swordsmen attack 30 % faster. Choson Long Swordsmen get + 80 HPs. Obviously you should only use this unit for flooding and only when you haven’t anything better. Of course the Choson longies are a lot better, but even then it’s largely a matter of quantity over quality.


The long sword represents the culmination of infantry weapon development in antiquity. It was designed for both piercing and slashing, combining the best of both the short and broad swords. The long sword was made possible first by advances in bronze-working and improved by the discovery of iron. Some historians believe that the development of long swords by barbarian cultures was a key factor in the catastrophe of 1200 BC, when most of the civilized cultures of the Mediterranean and Middle East were overrun. The long sword in various forms remained an important military weapon until the advent of gunpowder.