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Age: Iron
Prerequisites: Build Town Center, build Dock, upgrade to War Galley, upgrade to Trireme, research Catapult Trireme, research Engineering, upgrade to Juggernaught.
Upgrade Cost: 2000 food, 900 wood
Cost: 135 wood, 75 gold
Hit Points: 200
Attack: 35
Armor: – – –
Piercing Armor: – – –
Range: 10
Speed: Fast
Upgrade of: Catapult Trireme
Special: Boats are twice as resistant to conversion as other units; fire rate once/5 seconds; medium damage area.

The Juggernaught has more hit points and range and causes damage to a larger area than the Catapult Trireme. Like the Catapult Trireme, the Juggernaught is armed with a Catapult, which can fire at a location instead of at a particular unit. You must research Engineering before you can upgrade to the Juggernaught. War vessels fire at enemy villagers, military units, and boats within range. Researching Alchemy increases attack strength. Ballistics increases accuracy. Engineering increases range.


The ultimate warships of antiquity were advances on the trireme that appeared on the Mediterranean Sea after the death of Alexander and before the conquest of the entire region by Rome. These ships could reach enormous size, carrying crews of several thousand rowers and marines. They fought by firing catapults at each other until close enough to grapple and board. The largest were too slow to effectively ram each other. Because of their size and slowness they could not operate far from shore and needed substantial support from supply ships carrying food and water for the crew. The largest were show ships, built in an arms race that emphasized size and expense versus practicality.