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Produced by Heavens Gaming Sites – Directed by Angel Zeus
Scheduled to begin Monday, July 19th

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Thank you for signing up for the greatest event since the “Rumble for Rome.” I hope every participant has a great time and plays fairly. The tournament will start on the 19th of July. Signups end the 16th of July. Make sure you review the rules page carefully. For help in prevention verse people with trainers I would recommend you download this file: Empirex.exe. For instructions on installing this file see below. The matchups will be posted on the matchups page before each day, for now the players who have signed up will be listed. Have a great gaming experience in the last great AoE/RoR event.

Produced by Heavens Gaming Sites – Directed by Angel Zeus
Instructions for installing the file:
Go to your Rise of Rome directory on your hard drive and find the file labeled: “Empiresx.exe”. Rename this file to “OldEmpiresx.exe”. Then, place thedownloaded file: “Empiresx.exe” into that directory, you are now finished.
Note: This file will prevent you from playing games with cheats enabled, also, if players have a trainer they will be able to sync you out. It is strongly suggested that after you are done the tourney for each day you rename the new
“Empiresx.exe” to “NewEmpiresx.exe” and change “OldEmpiresx.exe” back to “Empiresx.exe”.
Age of Empires Heaven, Microsoft, and the Microsoft Gaming Zone, do not support this product and cannot be held liable for any damage that may have been caused from the use of this program. It has been tested and no known side effects have developed.

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