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Produced by Heavens Gaming Sites – Directed by Angel Zeus
Scheduled to begin Monday, July 19th

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Attention- The finals will be held in the
WorldWide room. Both DM and RM.
For the Singles matches the settings have been posted here

September 10th, 1999 4:26 PM EST
The Best RM and DM teams have been chosen, PVRCR for RM and Shabby Takeoffs for DM. Congrats. For the Singles matches the settings have been posted here. I hope to see you all who made it there.

September 3rd, 1999 9:57 PM EST
The settings for the Team finals have been posted here.

August 29th, 1999 12:44 PM EST
The finalists have now been determined. To find out about how the finals will be played go Here. The Finalists have been posts go here to view the list. Someone sent me a story and I have decided to post it. It’s the only one I have done so far, Im not sure if I will accept any for the finals as I did say once I wasnt posting stories and pics due to managing other things but here goes:

     Well, on saturday, August 27th I played one of the greatest games I have ever played before.   It was a 4v4 Highland.  I was Minoa.  My team mates were YoUR_f8 (f8), Shockwave (Shock), and I_N_ATOR (i-N). My opponents were Toenail the Hun (ToH), Ghost buster (GB), Fulcrum (Fulcrum), and Fender (Fender).  *Note* some people ipeed so names were changed.
     I started out at a bad position, because on 3 sides enemies surrounded me.  I found three berry bushes fast, and had plenty of wood and gold to collect.  I put up a few docks and fished in the rivers.  About 2 minutes
before I was going to tool f8 did.  In bronze, I sent a villy in deep enemy territory and built a small base.  Poor Shock and i-N and only one berry bush each and Shock couldn’t even tool when me and f8 were in bronze!  Once I reached bronze this was the bad part.  Since I was surrounded by so many enemies, there was a good chance I would die, and yes, that did happen.  ToH and another invaded and sacked my capital.   f8 was already iron and was wiping out Ghost busters forward rushing base.  I rounded up my villagers and put 25 on wood, and 9 on farming.  Sadly I had no access to gold, and could
not build much army, since I was minoa.  I had about 4 stone throwers and 6 comp bowmen, and sent them to f8’s land.  I started pumping out bowmen by the dozen also.   Then, terror hit us,  the terrible sound of the capture of all artifacts.   Someone on my team quickly found one and guarded it, and that burden was over us.   I decided to send my bowmen to attack some enemy ships. 
Then, the person who I was attacking dropped.  A minute after that our plans proceeded.  f8 made 3 layers of fortifications around a hill and proceeded to build a wonder.  He also had many hittite cats around along with eles.  I sent most of my men and built archery ranges and siege workshops on his land, begged for gold from someone, and started pumping out compys and stones. 
Then the hordes of men came in.  From 4 sides chariots, cats, and elephants poured in.  Over 100 shattered cats layed accross the land.  Me and Shock lost our main bases, and were mainly on f8’s land.  Then i-N dropped.  Things got worse.   Several choke points were lost and barbarians poured through. Lukily i-N built some cats and pounded at them.  As we got more and more cramped, I decided to help fortify the wonder.  I built 4 rows of houses and farms on the side that was most weakest.   As enemy cats started pounding the front wall, I decided to check the wonder timer.   Last time I checked it it said 500 years.  Bam!! 10 years!  We won!


Angel Zeus

By aloha_bevo
The year was 330 A.D. and Emperor Constantine would soon split the Holy Roman Empire, once the most powerful, far-reaching empery the world had ever known, into halves. Seeing the end, Constantine removed the capital from Rome to the Eastern Roman Empire, or Byzantium, which would not fall for a millennium. Rome itself, the seat of Western civilization for more than 800 years, would be plundered by the Goths in less than a century.

Such were dark times for the empire, the last gasps of democracy having long been snuffed out, infidels on all sides and the land ruled by a wealthy few who marshaled strong armies to guard their conquered lands.

The computer game of conquest, Age of Empires, lies in a similar state. This awesome pursuit, which has captured our attention for 18 months or more now, is slowly dying. At one end ennui with the product is eating into the core of on-line gamers, and at the other end lies the promise of Age of Kings, which will bring into play the civilizations that followed Rome, such as the Byzantines and Goths.

For a time, the Rise of Rome expansion breathed new life into a game that for many months could have better been termed Chariot Wars. After the expansion came out, patented bronze rushes gave way to booming, tooling and taking the seas, three of the keys to mastering the brave new world provided by larger, watery maps, and new units designed to counter the chariot and cavalry armies that dominated the original Age landscape.

Most players would agree that much of the game’s potential for development and nuance has now been tapped. Boom. Disrupt the enemy’s economy. Then crush him.

Thus as the Rise of Rome expansion slowly burns out — and much like the Roman Empire in 330 A.D. it is not dead by a longshot, but certainly its creative flowering is on the wane — the time to determine the battlefield’s greatest champion has come. We are at the crucial moment when many of the game’s best players are still around, and everyone has had time to fully develop their post-ROR game. This time will not last forever.

Microsoft, Ensemble and the Zone, with a timing possessed of quite clear motives, held the Rumble for Rome tournament shortly after the expansion came out. At the time the tournaments occurred ROR had yet to be fully explored. The Ultimate Ager Tournament III came out shortly thereafter, but this focused solely on two-person teams.

The Fall of Rome, which is perhaps the last, great Age of Empires tournament, will clear up any lingering questions. We will crown the greatest RM Team, the greatest DM team and, of course, the best individual player. Just as Rome had its greatest champion, Julius Caesar, so too will the Fall of Rome crown the great Rise of Rome heroes. Already the dark ages are on the near horizon, and soon it will be the time of kings, knights and castles. But during the coming middle ages it will be the legends of the past about whom the great songs are sung.

In the Fall of Rome it is your legacy that is at stake…

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