Quick DM Hints

Single Player Death Match

Quick DM Hints

Well this is not going to be a run-through of death matches. These hints will simply point to you what you should use against what and tips on playing each civ. 

In DMs because the overwhelming resources everything is about the first attack and to keep the upper hand. Don’t take notice of people saying all your first three Villagers should build TCs. You need one to build houses to support your population and 2 to build TCs. Once 2-3 are up you should have built some Villagers (remember mass building Villagers) and send 2-3 to build stables/Siege Workshops or Barracks. The easiest unit to rush is the scythe chariot then legion then AEs. Finally we have siege which is very hard to pull off without some backup. By 1 minute you should have 4+ TCs and some stables/Siege Workshops up. Now build your government centers and Markets and storage pits. Also, quickly take as many gold mines as possible. Then research the tech that opens up the super unit tech and attack at 3 minutes with some 20+ units. They don’t even need to be upgraded. For example eles or long swordsmen. However, you must have scythes chariots otherwise they will be slaughtered. Now start Towering and as long you attack first you should get the upper hand. 

There are two explanations. One is that you used the wrong unit to attack and he already had an army to counter and the second is you didn’t expand. If you attack too late he should already have an army. Here are some big no-no units to use: Scythes v Helepoli/Towers

Eles v Helepoli/Cats

Helopoli v Cats

Legions v Eles

Cats v Scythes

The second explanation is that during the attack you didn’t expanding taking vital resource space for farms of take up forests and gold mines. If you don’t do that then you have no quick way to get a second army out before the first one is dead. But take that advice and you should be OK. And that’s all I can help you with. The rest comes with experience. You will expand, attack and manage your army more efficiently by playing games rather than reading hints. Get the fell of the DM on the Zone and hopefully you can be unstoppable. 

Here’s the list for each civ:

Assy: Mixed siege with either legion or HA backup. 
Babs: Towers everywhere and scythes together with cats. 
Carth: AEs with helos and some Towers and maybe STs. 
Cho: Legions with helos and more Towers. 
Egy: Scythes and Priests and some STs for Towers and helos. 
Greek: Mixed siege and maybe cents. 
Hitto: Cats, scythes, AEs and some Towers. 
Mace: AEs, HHAs and maybe cents or ballistas/STs. 
Minoa: Mixed siege and Compies. 
Palmy: AEs, Scythes, Cats and Towers. 
Persia: AEs, Cats, legions and Priests maybe. 
Phoe: AEs, scythes and maybe Priests. 
Rome: Mixed siege and scythes with maybe some Priests or legions. 
Shang: HHAs, Helos, Priests and Scythes. 
Sume: AEs, Cats and maybe eles. 
Yammy: STs and HHAs.