I’ll be back

Campaign Walkthroughs

I’ll Be Back

This scenario seems to give more problems than any other, and it’s easy to see why. Right off the bat you’re in deep doo-doo, your band of Scouts is being Wo-Lo-Lo’ed and your health is shrinking fast. Get out of there, and quick. At the top of the map, select all your units and move, quickly, to the Southeast, to where your Transports are waiting. Don’t stop for anything, and keep clicking or you’ll lose your units. You need at least one of your Scouts to survive. 
Load up on the Transports and move Southwest along the river. When you’re most of the way South you’ll see a gap in the forests along some shallows. Debark there and hotfoot it further South, again ignoring any conflict and don’t stop, until you get to a Transport on the Southern shore. Load what’s left of your men on it and sail South, landing on the land across this second river. You’ll find walls and gates, pass through the gates and you’ll meet up with your friends and allies. 
When you take control of your allies, use the Priests to heal your men. Group your units into like groups for best mobility, and head to the Northwest and load up on the Heavy Transports you find. Your most important units will be your Catapults, Ballistas, Priests and Composite Bowmen, but don’t leave anyone behind, you may need them all. 
From here on the play is pretty straight forward. Land your troops, use the Catapults and Ballistas to take out the opposition at range, and your Composite Bowmen, Elephant Archers and other troops to protect them. After each battle, heal everything with your Priests. 
Taking out the Towers and other units, move Northwest to your original landing spot. You can shuttle your troops across in the original Light Transports, just be careful your landing force isn’t slaughtered before the next wave arrives. If you lose your Light Transports or want to make a mass landing, you’ll find friendly Heavy Transports to the Western end of this land mass. You’ll need to destroy your Dock to get out, and there’s a pretty impressive naval force blockading you, but Ballistas make decent anti-ship weapons, as do the Elephant Archers. Remember to keep healing everything and never place your Priests at risk. 
Once you transport across the original river, the best place to land is usually toward the Southwestern end. You’ll need to fight up a long series of paths in the cliffs, but there’s plenty of breathing room after each battle. Let your Catapults take out the Towers while your Composite Bowmen protect them, and put your Elephant Archers in among your siege weapons. Move steadily, healing after every battle, and eventually you’ll gain the top of the cliffs. 
Keep moving Northeast along the map edge and you’ll find the Temple and the Artifact walled in together. You can use your mounted troops to keep the enemy busy, while blasting the walls with your Catapults. Use the Ballistas to keep enemy units from reaching your Catapults, and put Priests in among them healing as you fire. You should be able to take down the Temple and knock a hole in the wall, just run a Cavalry unit in to capture the Artifact and the win.