Siege in Canaan

Campaign Walkthroughs

Siege in Canaan (1450 BCE)

Difficulty Level: 3

This scenario sounds simple in theory…blow up the Canaanite Government Center. Of course, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. This scenario isn’t too difficult, it will be a bit tedious though. You are blessed with a good start. 

Begin by foraging the berry bushes for food. Build a couple villagers, probably not more than 2 or 3. Have them build a Storage Pit and chop wood at the forest you find to the North. You want to hit the Tool Age as quickly as possible. You may face some raids, but most likely not. 

Once you make Tool Age, build an Archery Range, and a Dock near the North end of the river. Build a couple of Transports, and load them up with bowmen. Drop them off across on the North side of the river and destroy the enemy Houses and Granary, as well as all the enemy troops that will be thrown at you. You may have to keep sending reinforcements to get the job done. 

Then send about 3 villagers over, build your own Granary and forage the berry bushes until they are gone. In the meantime, build a Market so you can begin farming. You can put about 5 villagers on farming and another 5 on wood. Research Woodworking at the Market for the extra range bonus for missile weapons. Research Toolworking, Leather Armor for both Archers and Infantry at the Storage Pit, but don’t use any upgrades that require gold. Transport your villagers and military units back when the berry bushes are gone and distribute them as needed. Don’t forget the Houses throughout all of this. 

At the Barracks build about 8 Axeman and at the Archery Range about a dozen bowmen. Group them together near your Barracks. When you can, move to the Bronze Age and build a Siege Workshop. With the gold you have you can afford 2 Stone Throwers. Build them, and then it is easy. Your first target will be the Towers, one on the corner of the cliffs and 2 across the shallows. Your Stone Throwers will make quick work of them without being hit. Enemy archers and clubmen will try to reach you, but they will be mowed down by your bowmen which you will move in. 

From there on, simply move up the ridge, dispatching the Towers and buildings and enemy troops before moving on. Your casualties should be minimal, but feel free to create reinforcements if you want. The Government Center is at the North edge, with a wall around it. Your Stone Throwers should be able to knock it off its foundation without touching the wall.