Naval Battle

Campaign Walkthroughs

Naval Battle (1650 BCE)

Difficulty Level: 2

This is actually parT naval battle, and part invasion, but shouldn’t give you much trouble. Begin by having villagers cut wood, you’ll need a boatload again. Have a few harvest berry bushes, and they can hunt when they are finished, but the main bulk of your population should be building the navy. I like to put my first five villagers on wood, leaving enough food to put 2 on foraging. This will allow you to have 2 Scout Ships built before the enemy arrives. 

Build a Scout Ship at the Dock right away and keep building them until you have 4 surviving. You will encounter sporadic raids from the enemy. Just concentrate on each and keep your ships repaired. When you have 4 Scout Ships, go ahead and build a second Dock and upgrade to War Galleys. 

Now take your Galleys and hunt down the enemy Dock. It may appear either at the far West or far East of his Land. Once this is done, take out the enemy Towers and any person, building or animal that the Boats can reach. This should take some time. Send a few more reinforcements to get the job done. Back in your homeland, concentrate on building a few Fishing Boats to fish the plentiful waters near your Docks. Go ahead and add 2 Transport ships for later. 

Create a few more villagers and have them build your Barracks, Archery Range, and Siege Workshop. Upgrade to short swordsmen at the Barracks, and Composite Bowmen at the Archery Range. Build up about 5 Bowmen and 4 Swordsmen, as well as one Stone Thrower. When you have this done, load the troops on the transports and land them The Artifact is behind some walls in the towards the back center of the island. Blow a hole in the wall, and bring the artifact back to your land for the victory.