Campaign Walkthroughs

Farming (5000 BCE)

Difficulty Level: 2

This scenario is the first to have two victory conditions, controlling the Ruins and stockpiling 800 food. Begin by putting 2 villagers on the nearby berry bushes while the other builds a House and then chops wood. Use the 100 food that you begin with to build a couple villagers and have them cut wood immediately. As soon as you get another 100 food, upgrade your clubmen to axemen. Note that you are already in the Tool Age to begin this scenario, and as soon as you have the wood, build a market to the East. This is important as food is fairly scarce, and you will need to farm very quickly. 

Trouble will most likely come to you from the North. It would be a good idea to put an Archery Range near the North and to pump out some bowmen. A force of 10 or so should be sufficient. Don’t forget to build Houses to support the troops. You can add a few axeman if you like or to replace any losses you may take. 

You will also get attacked from the South by a few clubmen, but an axeman or two and some villagers should be able to take care of the annoyance. During this time you should keep building villagers until you have 5 to 6 farms going, and at least 5 villagers on wood cutting. 

Once you have dispatched of all the Nubian attackers, take your entire force and ship them across the shallows to your North. Don’t worry if a few Scout Ships attack at you, just run past them. You may kill a few villagers if you wish, just stay out of the range of the enemy boats. You should be closing in on the 800 food you need. After that, it is simply a matter of heading West until you find the Ruins.