Campaign Walkthroughs

Discoveries (6500 BCE)

Difficulty Level: 1

In this scenario you need to find the five Discoveries (which look like large white horse skeletons) before the rival Libyan tribe does. RELAX! The Libyans didn’t read the instructions to the scenario and won’t be out looking for Discoveries. In fact, this is a scenario you can complete with 3 villagers. Create a second Villager right away, and put your first on wood. This is only a precaution, because you probably won’t need any wood. When the second villager is complete, have him move to the Southwest, where you will see a lion guarding what appears to be the first Discovery. Throw a spear at the lion and retreat to your Town Center. If you do this a few times, you should be able to kill the lion next to your Town Center without taking much more than a scratch (no pun intended). As soon as you collect ten more food, you can create your third villager. When they are done have all three villagers move and cross the first Discovery. When you touch a discovery, a little flag will appear over it . Then move far to the North. There you will find the second Discovery rather uncontested. 

Now move back to your Town Center and then South to Discovery number three. This is pretty easy so far, and you may wonder where the Libyans are. If you move to the Northeast, you will see some rocky terrain. You will begin to see Discovery number four, and as you approach it, a single Libyan scout will attack you. Attack with all three of your villagers and you will at worst lose one villager. Cross over Discovery number two and head to the fifth and final Discover which is a short distance to the Southeast from where you killed the scout.