A Wonder of the World

Campaign Walkthroughs

A Wonder of the World (1625 BCE)

Difficulty Level: 3

Every great civilization must build a monument to its greatness, and that is what you must do in this scenario. Keep in mind that to do this requires a huge investment of 1000 wood, 1000 stone, and 1000 gold. You will also face three enemies here, but not to fret, only one is a threat. 

Two computer players, the Minoans, and the Hittites (played by the Babylonians?) are your friends. Set your diplomacy to Neutral with them as you will be trading for gold at their Docks. The true enemies are the Canaanites (played by the Hittites … yeah that makes sense). 

You will need wood quickly again, because the Canaanites will be sending ships very quickly. It is imperative that you have ships quickly because they will be sending Transports with Bronze Age troops and siege weapons early. I suggest a start similar to the last scenario, putting all your initial villagers on wood. At most, put one villager on the berry bushes. Then, build a Scout Ship as soon as you can, and a second one as well. After that, start alternating between Fishing Boats and Scout Ships. As soon as you have 4 surviving Scout Ships, upgrade them to War Galleys and move them towards the Western corner of the map. Basically you just want to blockade the Canaanites. Make sure no Transports get through the alleys, you will find they like a sea lane that is near to a small island containing one tree. If you get close enough evading the Sentry Towers and siege weapons, go ahead and take out their Dock. Rest assured they will build another, but it shouldn’t be a concern by then. 

Now that you have survived the initial danger, move your woodcutters across the shallows to the center island. Build a Storage Pit and start cutting down the forest. Build a Barracks and a couple troops in case of disaster, but they should only stand around. Houses can be built as needed. Build a Transport with 4 villagers and move them to the island in the East. Build a Storage Pit and mine the stone there. Save all the stone you can for the Wonder you must construct. It would also be wise to build a Dock on this island and some Trade Boats. You can trade excess food at the Minoan and Hittite Docks to the South. 

It’s pretty straightforward from here on, just build Fishing Boats and Trade Boats. As soon as you can, upgrade to Iron Age, build your Government Center and research Architecture. You can upgrade your Galleys to Triremes and add a few more warships. With them you should be able to pound the Canaanite coastline into submission while you grab 20 villagers and build the Wonder. No one unfriendly should come knocking provided your boats are doing their jobs.