Winning Mediterranean Maps

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Winning Mediterranean Maps

by Blitz

Over the past year I have played the best players in Rise of Rome that play Mediterranean maps. I have learned a system that pros use. I consider most people I play experts on these maps. Mediterranean Maps come down to one simple objective: control the sea and win the game! I win the sea in over 80% of my “expert” games on Mediterranean maps. My biggest benefit I have is I am fundamentally sound having bigger woodpile than my opponent come Tool Age. My whole mindset is focusing on getting more wood to win the sea than my opponent.

I have an established and proven pattern/method for playing Mediterranean maps. I frequently get accused of cheating by people I haven’t played because I am able to mass an overpowering navy in Tool. My method of playing is to basically overpower my opponent through my efficiency and effectiveness of my economy. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of strategies/ideas that can be used on a Mediterranean map. Most of them compromise early navy strength and therefore aren’t that effective against great players.

Here are the differences that give me an advantage to win the sea. First of all, regardless of the civilization I play, building a big navy in Tool is the biggest priority. All other strategies/techniques I use in all Mediterranean games are secondary or complimentary to this to. I won’t do anything early to compromise winning the sea.

Basic beginning of game-play involves a berry start. Have 5 vills picking berries with granary up by 1:00. Vills 6&7 BE and chop one straggler. Make sure it is a 75 wood straggler not a 40 wood tree. Vills 8&9 chop one straggler. Vills 10&11 BE then go to coast. After vill 10 builds house, have vills 6-9 BS (build pit). Make vills non-stop until 8:00-8:30 and send them to the woodpile.

Some players that consider themselves “experts” actually lose ground frequently because they chop 40 W trees, or have vills 6&7 chop 2 different trees, or send these vills to coast. It takes 4 40W trees to get enough wood to build a house and a pit. It takes 2 stragglers. Considering it takes 9 seconds to chop down a tree before gathering the wood, it is important to get stragglers at the first. Vills 10&11 are hot-key 1 and usually approach coast soon enough to walk 15-20 tiles to find best place to dock. Once there is 100 wood, build the dock and label it hot-key 2. Have a villa being born build next house so forwards can go a screen away and build dock 2 immediately.

First dock should be built by 5:00. Second dock should be up and booming by 6:30. Frequently players will dock before pit, or build second dock too close to first dock. Either way they don’t have to wood to maintain a constant boom from all docks and TC. I won’t have a dock or my TC sitting still ever during the Stone Age. Usually I won’t take Villager high until I complete my second dock and boom from both docks and my TC. Over 90% of the games I play I have Villager high from 7:00 on. After 2nd dock is up I go another full screen and place my third dock. It should be up and booming by 8:30. After 3rd dock is up forwards walk along coast towards opponent. When berries are finished at home I have the berry pickers build a second pit at the forest and become woodies.

Typically I hit Tool button around 9:40-10:30. I don’t have a target Villager number anymore. I simply quit making real vills around 8:00-8:30 and stop making fb’s when I hit Tool button. Usually I end up with anywhere from 38-45 TTL vills. I aim for having 1000 wood upon entering Tool. If my forwards find enemy docks and I have over 800 wood by 50% complete I have them build a 4th dock, then a Barracks. If wood is not that high I have them build just the Barracks. I have them build houses to accommodate an increase of at least 12 during Tool Age. I never put vills on gold until sea is secure.

Upon entering Tool Age I make 2 Scout Ships in each dock. Then I make 3 vills at my TC. I have my forwards build a Stable. I build a Scout immediately and send them back towards town to find enemy forwards and kill them. I have villas being born make a Market, then they make another storage pit and become woodies. I hit the Bronze upgrade, the woodcutting upgrade, and build another Scout. I have my Scouts scout out enemy base(s). If I am Tool rushed on the land I do the following: research watch Tower and build it in woodies, build 2 Archery Ranges near woodies and make 3-4 archers in each range, and research archer armor. This should stop any Scout or Axer army. This makes sure my woodies go back to working A.S.A.P.

If the enemy gets Scout Ships to my docks before I am in Tool, this is where the dock spacing pays off. Typically it is only 2-3 Scout ships at 1 dock. This leaves other 2-3 docks fishing and able to build up a navy. Usually the docks that are closest to the opponent have the fewest fb’s at them so I “let” them get a couple fb’s as I build up a navy and crush them. As the Scout Ships are born I send them to the next closest dock that the opponent’s ships are at until I have more numbers than them.

Ultimately if I am “rushed” on the sea I know that they had to compromise woodies somewhere along the line and I should be able to make more Scout Ships if I can weather the initial storm. The dock spacing provides me with the “time” to weather the storm. I want this sea battle to come down to me having more woodies, anywhere from 26-29 divided among 2-3 pits to ensure I have a higher gathering rate. If my opponent used real vills on a food source after initial berries, put vills on gold, or didn’t build additional pits…. I will win the sea in Tool.

Now if your opponent doesn’t attack you first, you have even a bigger advantage. Move all Scout Ships to your dock that is closest to your enemy. If you know they pit started at beginning of game (easy by watching Villager high stay at 7 at first of the game), or opponent Tooled quickly, attack A.S.A.P. Otherwise wait and build your navy. Best case scenario is to have 4 docks making 3 Scout Ships each giving 12 Scout Ships for initial attack.

What I like to do is a “blitzkrieg” attack where I am looking to grossly outnumber opponent Scout ships quickly at his first dock. Most often I find 2-3 Scout ships at each dock not yet masses into a fleet. I make sure that 3-4 of my Scout ships are attacking one of my opponents Scout Ships. If this can be achieved, by the time his reinforcements arrive he has lost his 2-3 and I have lost none. This gives numbers of 4-6 of his to 12 of mine with 4-8 more of my reinforcements coming. In these sea battles it is important that all of your navy is engaged. I will stay at the first enemy dock and destroy it before the fleet moves on to the next dock. I continue booming ships from all docks and keep adding them to my navy fleet.

Upon entering Bronze I immediately queue 5 vills at TC and do War Galley upgrade at dock furthest from the navy battle. I research the wheel at the Market. All vills that are born go to wood if the sea is still not decided. Dock spacing is paying dividends because fishing boats are still able to fish closer to docks than if spaced closer. If the sea battle is still undecided I start building more docks. I also build Gov Center and additional TCs as wood permits. What I mean is I continue to make War Galleys non-stop and when there is excess wood I will make the buildings. There is no benefit in having 6 docks if you can only boom from 3 of them.

Typically the first 20 minutes of a Medit map is focused on sea, with little attention given to massing big land armies. Archery Ranges, additional stables, and Siege Workshops are built when wood permits. Villagers are put on gold as the sea is becoming won. It is important to remain committed to the sea until no enemy fishing boats are gathering food. Leaving the opponent with no opponent docks, war boats, or fishing boats is always the biggest priority throughout the game. It is also important to understand that very rarely an opponent that does battle on the sea and loses whole fishing operation can mass a decent land army before 20:00.

From 20:00 on, the rest of the game is mainly battled on the land. I always will make 2-3 additional fishing ships at each dock after sea is won to utilize the fishing advantage. I usually have a massive amount of wood coming in and I try to get it onto the battlefield A.S.A.P. This means making 5-8 Archery Ranges and boom archers and attack. It is almost impossible for the smaller economy to win after 20:00+ into the game. Any strategy you like becomes applicable because you have the strongest economy and military and can execute whatever you want typically.