Tips and Tricks III

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Tips and Tricks III

By Staffa

Big tip, when expecting fights that will likely result in large armies attacking and runnning, as both side reinfornces their army and wants to regroup with supperiour numbers, or they have a smaller army and are raiding your peons but flee as your army approaches. Or your raiding their peons in their land. Build a tower on all the near by hills, this is a late bronze strat, and you will have needed to mine the stone previously, but this basicly gives you a huge tactical advantage as when armies spend alot of time moving, they tend to climb hills to retreat too, because the supperiour elevation gives them an advantage, but if you have a tower on the hill, they will not climb the hill, and thus either have to fight a battle they dont want to fight, or flee further, giving you control. I have tried this, it is very effective. 

Stone throwers + chariots, very effective against chariot armies, but you need to have 3 or more stone throwers, 1-2 ST die to quickly for their effect to be truely felt.

Chariot archers + caverly/chariots, very effective against caverly or chariot armies, I would suggest a 2-1 ratio of archers to cav/chariots. This is primarly directed at assyrian players, as they rarely use chariots/cavs and should. The reason is mainly because caverly/chariots are a supporiour unit to chariot archers in small numbers, they do far more damage, and have far more hitpoints. They are good at taking out catapults, and confuse your opponant as your opponant has more decisions on what to hit. This tends to spread out their fire, making them less effective. Archers on the other hand aquire an advantage in numbers, as they can easily concentrate their firepower, killing off one unit at a time, reducing your opponants overall firepower faster then a pure caverly army can reduce yours. Thus, while your units individualy might be weaker, in equaly large numbers, they are truely stronger. Also, chariots archers can play games with caverly, avoiding being hit by them by running away while other archers continue to fire. By combining both types of units, you take advantage of both units strengths, and overcome their weaknesses. A combined army vs chariots, chariots can not dance around with the cav while your own archers are hitting them, and the cav tend to rip apart chariots archers that dont dance. Against caverly, a large caverly force can not attack a large archer force all at once, and thus loses on numbers illregardless, having your own caverly helps keep your archers alive longer as your caverly can take alot more damage then your archers can, and the caverly sure come in handy when a stone thrower shows up. 

Yamato players can not afford to sit still in a game, building up a huge army will do you no good, 25 caverly vs 30 chariots results in alot of dead caverly. They must attempt to focus the game on small armies by attacking at alot of locations with small armies, forcing your opponant to split his army, or attacking early when the armies are still small, allowing an assyrian to grow a huge army while you grown your own huge army is fatal.

UNLESS you start building composites or horse archers, but if you are doing neither of the above, your gonna lose to the bigger, cheaper assyrian army. And be weary the assyrian who you give time to build priests, yamatos can not handle preists effectivly.

In fighting stone throwers, you can easily stop out of the path of the stone with almost any unit that it might be firing at, say a priests is trying to convert stone thrower, the stone thrower tosses a stone, you click on priest and have him mvoe out of way, if the ST is at the lijmit of the priests range, thus quite a distance, you should have time to make it, having two priests then convert a st, the st tosses, the one priests retreats, and the st gets converted without losing anything. You can avoid ST with almost any unit with abit of timing. This includes your own damn ST, I have on many occacosians slaughtered 3-4 enemy ST with a single ST of my own. This is a good reason btw, for not letting ST attack alone.

The koreans tool rush differently then i do, and i thnk their method is better
they build inside your base, stockpile 8 archers and then attack
i tend to start attacking as soon as i have an archer, which while i attack earlier, gives my opponant time to prepare as i build more. attacking with a large number all at once seems more devestating when your oponant is unprepared.

The secret to bronzing fast is building as few buildings as possible, and getting just enough wood to build those buildings as you need them, while having the rest gathering food at places that is efficient for large number’s of peons to gather food. While it might seem nice to have 2 graneries with 5 peons on each, its a faster bronze to have 1 granery with 10 peons on it.