Tips and tricks II

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Tips and tricks II

By Staffa

Plan your economy ahead, this is crucial during the stone-bronze phase, if you find yourself lacking easy food and decide to start dock fishing, realize that this will cost massive amounts of wood and put the woodcutters that you will need on it early. Same if you decide You will need to farm. If you want to put down 3-4 ranges/stables during tool, make sure you have enough wood to support it. And remember, anytime you enter a new age, food is at a premium, upgrades are expensive, and you want to be able to build the new mlitary units and more peons. Thus try to get a good ready supply of food when you enter a new age. And NEVER let your food supply run out leaving you with no incoming food. Unless the game is all but over, you will be amazed how fast your food will run out when you have no new food coming in. Always keep food coming in somewhere, in fact, this goes for all resources that you might need.

Economic upgrades are very important, assyrian players should research woodcutting while bronzing, or if they are staying in tool for a good long time, they should research it as soon as possible. During bronze, you should research the bronze age wood cutting tech as soon as possible(after wheel) Gold tech should be researched before or soon after you start mining gold, these techs improve your villagers ability to gather resources, thus making them faster and more effective, which translates into a larger economic base in the long run, and wood techs improve ur range.

Farming techs are crap imo, I will once in awhile research the first one if I intend to do ALOT of farming in a long game, mainly so I dont have to rebuild farms as often.

villagers with siegecraft can in moderate numbers level towers quicker then catapults, this is another under used tech, and it doesnt cost gold, which can be crucial as gold can get scarce, while food is freely aviable.

If your peon is being chased by another peon, there are many tricks you can use to avoid being caught. You can try to circle around a lion and hope the lion triggers on the chaser, this does work quite well, as if your carefull about where u put urself, it will almost always go after him and not you. You can try to put a tree between the two of you, this is very hard with lag, but if done right the peon will lose a couple steps on you and fall behind, and if he isnt watching you can be far off before he catches up again. You can attempt to fight him on a hill, gain an elevation advantage, and you gain more damage, this has worked for me, was really cool cause i had fewer hps at start and I managed to win it.

When building military bases in your opponants town, put your peon next to a forest wall, the waters edge, or the edge of the map, or near a pile of stone/gold so that when you build the building you will be mostly surrounded by other things, and if you suspect peons might notice you building it, start building walls on the 1-3 holes left that a peon might be able to walk in through, thus you can then safely finish the building while his peons stare angerly at you from the other side of your wall. I do this almost every time now, and it has proved usefull. Usualy requires 10 stone and a few seconds biulding up each one a few hps.

During iron age, if you have alot of towers and are expecting a powerfull priest civ to be attacking you, build walls around your towers and the priests wont be able to convert them, this is rather expensive as it requires 8 wall segments to surround a tower, but you can improve that effeiceny by building next to forests, or building towers together, and its very effective against priests

If you are scout rushing someone, and they have lots of tool archers in defense, dont hesitate to attack the peons, the peons will start fleeing, and while you are chasing them, the tool archers will miss due to your movement, if your being attacked, and you have ALOT of tool archers
get the targeted peon to fight back, this will stop the scout from moving, allowing your archers to cut him down quickly, also if you flee, your peons and the scout are generaly faster then the archers, and will be out of range soon. You could also try to trap him with other peons attacking allowing your wounded peon to flee and survive.

Going into a game with the intent to do a specific strategy is normaly a good way to pracitce a specific strategy, but neccesary the best way to win. You should tailor your strategy to the game being played, some strategies work better on some maps then others, and this isnt so much depedent on wether or not your playing inland, but what your maps ends up being like once your in the game, and also what your opponants/team mates end up doing. Also, practicing iron rushing on a map ill suited for such a strategy is fruitless, as you are not learning how to iron rush in a good iron rushing situtation.

As with all things, balance.