The Yamato Strategy guide

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The Yamato Strategy guide

by Savage_Reaper

The Yamato civilization has been thought to be weak and unable to hold their ground for quite some time now, but I can assure you, that they can defeat practically any civilization in a multiplayer game. Now its important to note that when I say multiplayer I am referring to a standard Random Map game. The age you would most likely want to use the Yamato is Iron, for their strength is in their cavalry.
Setting up for Battle
When you are playing Yamato, you should first anticipate your needs for the upcoming game. If you are playing with a low resource setting then your first agenda is food, while playing on a high resource you might want to go after gold first since there is already a substantial amount of food. The settings are also important in how you can use Yamato, below is an example of a greatly favorable Yamato play settings:

  • Iron Age
  • High Resource
  • Highland (Any LAND type scenario will work, but island warfare is a great difficulty)
  • Reveal Map – Not too important!
  • Pop: 100 – 200 – A 50 pop game will work fine
  • Pathfinding High – It’s a constant hassle to find your units wandering around looking for a way to cross a simple passage

Anything close to the settings above will do but the Yamato strategy will mostly work in the above mentioned settings.

Starting Out

Your chance of getting the upper hand is in the number of minutes (or seconds) it will take you to set up your base. When the game starts, your mouse will not move for about 3 – 5 seconds, at this time you should look at the mini-map on your bottom right corner. Look for yellow, the color of gold!
When the players get in sync, select your town center and train a villager. Next send 1 of your villages to build 2 houses, while he is headed toward the construction, select the remaining two villagers and build a town center NEXT to a nearby gold patch. While they are headed to build it, your villager in training should be done. Select the town center and build another peasant, then tell the new peasant to build 2 archery ranges. The town center near the gold should be done, so just select the two villagers next to it and let them mine the gold, also train another villager at that town center. From now on I will call the villager VG, so send the VG building that was building the two houses to build 1 stable and 1 academy. 

The first archery range should be finished, train a Horse Archer (HA) and then select the 2 VG’s from both town centers and tell them to build 2 towers about 3 spaces away from each other. By now the HA should be done, train another HA and send the one you have to explore. Once you find the enemy base, don’t hesitate to attack, aim for VG’s (Villagers) and keep to them, don’t bother with the buildings, after killing about 4 – 5 villagers, leave your HA in their base to do some damage and turn your attention to your base. All the buildings to be built should be done by now, send the remaining free peasants to gather wood, gold or food. Train cavalry, hoplite and more HA’s then send them to annihilate the enemy base. If you were able to do this fast enough then you will be able to decimate all the enemy peasants. You can use the hoplites to kill towers, and any other strong arm unit, even elephants! Practice the following strategy enough times and you can do it under my recent record of 5:37:04 to build 2 HA, 2 Hoplites and 2 cavalry. If you do beat my record E-mail me at and play me online!