Quick Guide to Civilizations

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Quick Guide to Civilizations

by Daniel Ethier

Many civs have different weaknesses and strengths I will go over some of those.

Choson: The only Choson military unit worth having is the legion and the helepolis. Thier towers are signifcantly weakened without the alchemy tech. Ships aren’t all that good because of transport size. Choson priests are slighty more useful then the ordinary because of the lowered cost. Best unit: Legion

Assyrian: The archer bonus isn’t all that useful when all you can have is horse archer not the heavy kind. Military is weakened without the iron storage pit techs. Siege isn’t all that good if you are playing Sum. or Hit. Ships also weakened by the lack of space. Best unit: Horse archer or siege

Babylonian: The tower and the stone mining bonuses make your towers more efficiant. Ships weakened because best ships is war galley. Storage pit techs even worse then assy. Best unit: Scythe Chariot

Carthagainian: Elephants stronger then normal ones. Fire galleys attack is stronger. Transports faster isn’t that useful. Units slightly weakened by storage techs. Best unit: Armored elephant

Egyptian: Gold mining is faster is always useful. Chariots are made quite stonger with the upgrade. Farther priest range is a good bonus. Infantry have no pierce armor. Best unit: Sycthe Chariot

Greek: Stable is the weakest military force. Academy units speeded up. Can get all siege. No archers of any kind worth having. Faster ships better in naval combat. Best Unit: Centurion

Hittite: Catapult double health useful in catapult wars. Archers increased attack useful in early stages. war ship range lame because best warship is war galley. Temple very weak. Bad navy due to lack of strong ships. Best unit: Heavy Catapult

Macedonian: Immune academy units to arraows good against hittite. Siege cost halved good in broze age. Units more resistent to conversian is a lame bonus because most people don’t use priests. No temple. Best unit: Centurion

Minoan: Ship cost very good in island game. Composite bowmen range good in bronze age. Faster farmers useful in random map. Very bad stable. Weak towers and walls. Can get all siege. Best unit: Juggernaught or Composite bowmen

Palmyran: Free tribute useless bonus. Gold per trade trip is doubled only useful if desperate for gold. Increased villi cost is a bit of a downer because it takes awhlie to get started in rm Fast camel kind of useful if scouting. Best unit: Armored elephant or camel

Persian: Hunting bonus bad because hunting only good if hunting eles. Fast eles is very good when rushing. Fast triremes bad if playing Ph. Very bad economy because no bronze and iron market upgrades. No academy. Best unit: Armored Elephant

Phoenician: Less ele cost good if making mass amounts of eles(it really adds up) Better wood cutting good for navy. Faster attacking Juggernaughts very good if u have large amounts of them. Best unit: Armored elephant or Juggernaught.

Roman: Less building cost good in random map. Less tower cost isn’t all that good in Death match because of lack of strong towers. Swordsmen attcking is good because if 30 swordsmen attack 30 regular swordsmen they will have the advantage.(the romans) Best unit: Legion

Shang: Low villi cost is good because it is very fast in rm. Bad goverment center. Bad navy. Wall hit points doubled is good you have lots of walls. Probly the worst deathmatch civ next to assy. Best unit: Cataphract

Sumerian:More villi hit points good if your villis ingage in battle. Quicker firing cats good if you are attacking slow units. Farms have large amount of food, so it takes twice as long to exhaust them. Storage pit techs weak. Best unit: heavy catapult

Yamato: Horse reduced cost good if bronze rushing. Quicker villis is just as good as assy. villis. More ship hit points good in naval wars. Weak temple. Best unit: Cataphract or Heavy horse archer.

I hope this is useful when picking your civ.