Persia and Elephants

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Persia & Elephants

by Peanut999

Persia is very under rated in Age of Empires (my favorite). But look at it this way, if you have two players of the same skill level one of them is Persian and the other is Hittite, Persia normally comes out on top. Persia has the fastest Elephants out of all the civilizations, which is good when you are traveling across the map.
Eles are very expensive, you can go through food very quick with Eles but in my eyes, they are worth it they can take on anything. They War Eles can kill catapults very easily, legions are a breeze, and towers go down very quickly. The only problems War Eles have it cents, one cent can kill at least two War eles but there is a solution, Archer Elephants, they can kill cents and legions with ease. If you have enough of them you can normally kill the unit before it gets to attack you.
Here is a strategy I normally use: Build at least six town centers because of the high cost of eles and Persia has -30% on farming. It takes a lot of villagers and farms to keep up the production of eles. Persia has +30% on hunting but hunting is very tedious especially if you only have gazelles around you. Let me put it this way, there are no experts that hunt, it just takes up to much time that you could spend scouting or preparing to attack. Did I mention farming was very important? Well I normally start farming after about five minutes into the game. One of the worst things you can do is run out of food and especially if he is attacking you.
About military, If you don’t want to waste food you need to attack with a lot and a mix of archers and war eles. Also if they have a lot of towers you might want to make a couple catapults. They don’t do much against other cats but they are good at demolishing towers and you don’t lose any lives in the process. This is the normal scenario, you are going against Hittite and they build cents and cats. What you need to do is make two groups, archers and war eles. Use the archers to get the cents but make sure the cents don’t slow down your WE, and make your WE get the cats and if he has any towers use your cats to kill the towers, but if he doesn’t have towers or you killed them already, put your cats on stand ground, if you don’t, they will end up killing your eles, and you don’t need to help him. If he has cats and eles, you’ll have some trouble. But you can use the same basic strat, but what you need to do is make that same group of AE, and WE but this time make another third group of WE. Still attack his cats with one group of WE, attack his eles with you EA but here is the change, also use your third group of WE to help kill them. WE have more hp than cents so they take longer to kill. That isn’t that hard but if he also has EA you might have a little problem, but you can easily take care of them with another group of WE. If you have about the same number as he does, you will be fine. EA are good but I don’t think they are that good. Both Eles have 600 HP, but here is the bad part about archers, WE have 15 attack points but EA only have 5 attack points. If you think about you might want to use Heavy Horse Archers because they have 8 AP and are much faster than EA. But if you think about it so more, EA can kill most anything, the units EA have are towers and Cats, they can take them but a lot of times they have trouble taking them down or it takes forever.
Persia has a lot of great stuff but sometimes it is looked over by a lot of players, I have been playing Age of Empires for a couple months now and I just discovered how good Persia is.